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If you're in two minds about having a lap, don't be! Do it!


I was trying to put off having a laparoscopy but in the end I had it and it probably was the best thing I did. The op wasn't bad at all and I wasn't in half as much pain as I thought I would've been in. They removed 5cm with of endo but found that i had one blocked tube and one good tube. My follow up appointment kept being delayed so was worried about ttc because I thought that I may have an ectopic pregnancy.

After the op my period went from irregular to very regular and I was having a 28 day normal cycle. We kept ttc and within 3 months after the lap I fell pregnant. I'm now 15 weeks! So my message is not to put it off and just have the lap. Good luck!!!

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That's wonderful news!! Congratulations !! So great to hear something so positive xxx

Yay congratulations xxx

A lap is the only effective way to see what is going on if medication or previous surgeries have failed. A lap itself is pretty straightforward, usually three miniscule incisions that you won't even notice a year or so downline (literally half an inch). They usually fill you with gas to get a better look at the organs inside and that can be uncomfortable for a day or so after ie shoulder ache.

If they need to correct something they find from the lap exploration then of course that can prove to be more invasive ie lasering off endo, adhesion separation etc. Otherwise it really isn't a problem.

Congratulations, that's fab news! x

Awwww great news!! Congratulations!!! Yay x

Thank you for this reasurance. I've just booked my first one in today for Sept. We tend to only hear the negative so this is great news and very reasuring.

Congratulations! :)

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Good luck, I hope everything goes well. Let me know if you have any questions xx

congratulations! :-) that is fab news!

Thank you for sharing your story and news with us! Lovely to hear a positive part from the endo nightmare! x

such good news !

God Bless U !

Thank you everyone, hope you all have positives too xxxx

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