Had a Lap 2 days ago and pain in my shoulders is killing me, what can I do?

Hi, I just had a lap 2 days ago and that gas they use went straight to my shoulders and is killing me... I wonder if is there something I could do to ease the pain or make the gas go away quicker.

Many thanks!!!

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  • I am sorry you are suffering with the gas, its not very nice, i found sitting up striaght and breathing in deeply and then breath out worked, it won't talk long to get out of you. Good luck. xx

  • I talked to my GP about the pain from the gas and unfortunately as it's in your cavities there is nothing you can do until the body disperses it. What about having someone massage it for you? I found this helped as it moves the gas around so it's not stuck pressing on nerves for too long. Hope this helps!


  • The pain from the gas is not nice at all, I found peppermint tablets helped me.

  • I found that the worse bit after my lap. I had a hot water bottle to my shoulders and was drinking peppermint tea. It does go away though so fear not and I hope you feel better soon.

  • i used a hot water bottle and paracetamol, it still hurt but not as badly xx Also try to distract yourself and keep your mind occupied. x

  • G had a lap yesterday and I am sitting here with exactly the same problem and I have found putting a hot water bottle on my shoulder is helping with the pain and getting the gas out

  • I took peppermint tea too - sounds an unlikely pain reliever but I think it really helped.

  • Hi, i too used peppermint tea and found it helped along with moving around. Hope you feel better soon x

  • This may sound silly but it really did help me. On my third day of having terrible pain, I lifted my arms and swung them round and round and I did the biggest burp of my life and within 5 minutes I felt great. I hope that I can get this to work again as I am going in for a lap in two weeks time. I am also going to talk a hot water bottle with me and mints sweets as well. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi

    I had warm peppermint cordial and peppermint gaviscon and moved around as much as possible.

    Sorry you are suffering x

  • Hope you feel better soon! I'm due to have my 3rd laparoscopy in a few weeks, I'd completely forgotten about the extra gas and shoulder pains. I had paracetamol last time and it helped a little. Will give the peppermint tea a go.

  • Peppermint tea OR warm peppermint cordial is very good for shifting things along. xx

  • I found moving about a little helped. xx

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