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Lump in right side of stomach?

Hi all.

Does anyone have or heard of having a soft lump on the right side of the stomach?

It's about 2 inches above my left hipbone and I think it's been there for quite a while but just lately I'm more 'aware' of it.

Just wondering if it could be connected to my endo?

I was told after my lap that my left tube is rendered useless but for some unknown reason was not taken away and I get a fair amount of pain from this usually but this lump is quite a bit higher that the usual 'tube' pain. xx

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I realise this was posted in November so hopefully you've got some answers. However I had a lump on the right hand side, level with my hip bone. I had various scans and a biopsy and it was endometriosis in the abdominal wall, had this removed 6 weeks ago now by open surgery and am hoping for a lap to remove deeper endo soon.

Good luck



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