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Left side on my lower stomach bulges out

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So, for about a year I've had a lot of problems concerning my pelvis and reproductive organs, but my mom hasn't taken me to the doctor. I've had a lot of pelvic pain, sciatica type pain, bowel problems, and menstrual problems. Im wondering if the fact that recently my left side of my lower stomach sticking out, could also be a result of the problem. It's very noticeable when I'm not wearing a shirt, and especially when I'm bloated. I feel like it might be that I have an ovarian cyst or something

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I know it's not always easy to talk about stuff. Can you tell your mom about your symptoms , how worried you are and ask her to book you appointment?

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I've been telling her forever. There were multiple times I've stayed home from school from pain and times I've been completely disabled and she just gave me medicine that would make me drowsy. Finally she brought me to an urgent care gyno because my period was late. The doctor prescribed me birth control for the painful periods, and gave me a prescription/referral for an ultrasound at this other place. It's been over a month and I don't think my mom has any intention of getting me that ultrasound

I have come in from the PAS forum but I had endometriosis when I was very young - 12 years old, perhaps even earlier.

Is there a female teacher you can talk to at school. You do need help, perhaps the teacher could have a word with your mother.

The last time I went to the school about my health (chronic tonsilitis) when my parents wouldn't take me to the doctor, my parents yelled at me for making them seem like bad parents.

Wow. That's tough. If need be and you have the referral details could you book the ultra sound yourself and is there another trusted adult you could take with you ?

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In the states, you need written permission from your parents to go to the doctor if you're a minor, unless it's regarding pregnancy, birth control pills, or STDs. I already researched all the legal information.

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Can you maybe go to the doctor for progesterone only birth control pills? Without a period you won't be in as much pain and progesterone carries less side effects and it safter long term.

As for your stomach bulging out, what location is it? Is it near you pubic bone? Your hip bone? Waist?

If it's near the pubic bone if could very well be an ovarian cyst however if it's bowel related it could occur anywhere, esspecially if it's pain all the time.

Does it come on after eating? At night?

Try to eliminate foods with high estrogen levels in your diet, so no soy, some ladies find relief from removing dairy or meat. To find out which ones eliminate one for 2 days and see how you feel.

Sadly we can't diagnose you or give you any true medical advice because we aren't doctors. Here in Canada once you turn 16 you can go to the doctor yourself without parents since it is the age of consent. Can you maybe write out your symptoms till you can see one on your own.

Insurance might be a problem too, can you maybe find something online for the appointment so your parents won't be worried about paying a lot? It might be why they're against you seeing one.

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I'm actually currently taking progesterone only birth control pills. I'm on my second pack so I've been taking them for about a month and a half. My mom actually did bring me to the doctor about all of my symptoms, and the doctor prescribed me the birth control for my period, and Naproxen for the pain. And she referred me to this place to get an ultrasound because she didn't wanna give me a pelvoc exam because I'm so young. But that was a while ago and I don't think my mom is gonna take me

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She would've been able to perform a pelvic exam even if your young and should've since if it is an ovarian cyst she would've been able to feel it from the exam.

Also planned parenthood does offer ultrasound at some locations, you may be able to go there.

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Most girls I known that have been to the gyno have gotten pelvic exams. But this doctor said she didn't want to give me one because I'm a Virgin.

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Yeah, that's a myth, the hymen cannot break and is actually a skin membrane that goes over your vestirbule, it only tears (and rarely) at birth.

Before puberty your hymen is a thin membrane which can break however after puberty you are supplied with progesterone and more importantly estrogen which makes it become a stretchy elastic barrier much like the rest of your vagina. Your labia and clitoris also grow at this time.

The reason why people bleed during sex is because of a few factors:

1. They've been told their whole life that it'll hurt, so they tense up, the vagina is a muscle, it tenses up too.

2. They're not aroused and therefor not 'wet' enough, that means friction which means tears in the vaginal wall.

So a pelvic exam might be uncomfortable because you've never been penetrated before so it is gonna feel odd however she would use lubricant so it would be less so.

The gyno would've known this, and should've performoed one however being you are 15 it is your mom and your descion to have one.

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Neither my mom nor I had a problem with me having a pelvic exam but the doctor refused to preform one. This is the only gyno close to where I live. But I would think whatever they would find in a pelvic exam, they'd find in an ultrasound. But I don't think my mom will take me

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Not nessicacrily if it's an ovarian cyst it may or may not show however if it's a growth of endometriosis it rarely shows in ultrasound since it blends into the tissues. What ultrasound does is it used electromagnetic waves to pick up changes in structure unfortunately endo tends to blend into other tissues since it's so alike.

Not to mention your bladder is located above your reproductive system so that adds a barrier, most of the time it only shows through a transvaginal ultrasound if you have a cyst since they look right up from the cervix.

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I'm supposed to get a transpelvic ultrasound. I actually researched a lot about endometriosis and the only way to diagnose it is if you have the symptoms or a cyst or something, they'll to a laparascopy. The only way to diagnose endo is the best suspicious of it, then preform a laparascopy to see for sure

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They may not do a laproscopy if you have a cyst.

Especially with how old you are they may just decide to sit it out and wait for the cyst to resolve.

I'm getting a laproscopy because I've had it for 9 years and pushed for one.

My gyno has been able to feel one for an entire year however because I'm 17, she didn't want to do a laproscopy because it always comes back.

My symptoms during my period are blood in urine, diahrea, bleeding from the rectum (first day), pain in the right kidney, kidney inflammation, chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing, abdominal pain, vaginal pain, vulvular pain. I pass huge clots and tissue during periods, and can dye entire bath tubs pink in 15 minutes.

My Fallopian tube sticks out and my physiotherapist has to loosen it. I experience pain during deep penetration, pain during ovulation and constipation during olvulation.

My gyno knows about all these symptoms and I still has to push for one, she was more interested in putting me on Lupron then giving me one.

What I'm trying to say is you need to fight for a diagnosis and if you can't fight for a pelvic exam then your not going to have good luck getting a laproscopy.

Plus if it's general gynae they may miss it completely, make sure to push as much as you can to get one and afterwards ask for photos from the surgery and compare them to ones you've seen online.

I lived in the USA for 6 years and have a very good friend there. I am phoning her tomorrow and will see if she has any ideas. How old are you, anywhere near your 18th birthday when I presume you can make your own decisions?


I'm only 15

I am a grandmother and would always support my grandchildren, do you have any other relations nearby, aunts, grannies that you could talk to - even on the phone, who could talk some sense into you parents.

My parents don't have a good relationship with their parents

You talking to them can't make it worse then, Or pluck up courage and speak up at school and be prepared to be shouted at. Your health is more important and their treatment of you is not right.

Any brothers or sisters who could take your part.

I have something similar where the left hand side of my stomach sticks out more when my muscles are tense, like when I do a press up it very clearly sticks out to one side, idk what it is but have been told everything was clear, only thing they suggested was that it's poop showing through my stomach because I'm super small!

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I'm skinny but I'm not that skinny. And I can only see it when I relax. Plus I've always had reoccurring pelvic pain on that side

Might be something as simple as like a tight muscle or something but definitely worth a check out, especially given it can take years to diagnose anything!

My American friend said to talk to your school social worker or try Planned Parenthood as you have already been given Birth Control pills for the pain.

It could be a hernia- you really need to have a complete physical exam and an ultrasound. Advocate for yourself as much as you can. Could you go to the ER and be treated?

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I don't think it would be a proper use of the ER

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I guess it depends on how much pain you are in. If you are in extreme pain then I would deem it an emergency and would go to the ER where they should be able to treat you without parental consent. You could also try and see if they will treat you with just verbal consent from your mom as in, have your mom give them permission over the phone. Worth a shot.

I have a inguinal hernia on my lower left hand side and i also have endometriosis. I've also recently had prolapse surgery and before i had the surgery the urogynaecologist said the p discomfort on the left could be when the bowel distends, hope you get some help x

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