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re-occuring Endo?

I had a hysterecomy 6 years ago and they left behind my ovaries. Then 3 years ago i had to go back in and have a endo growth removed from the top of the vaginal canal. Now i have just found out i have re-occuring endo that os attacking my bowel and bladder, and that the growth has regrown? They are now pushing me into menopause with Decapepty injections every 4 weeks, before going back in to remove another 3rd of the vaginal canal and possibly the bowel & bladder.....

Has anyone else suffered like this? Or had this surgery? would appreciate some feedback please..... :(

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yes i have had endo burnt away twice from bowel and behind an ovary,had the mirena fitted and then it came back worse than ever,go for a hysterectomy next week due to endo on bowel,bladder and other places.


Hi littlestar, I had a hysterectomy 6 months ago but now have suspected endo on bowel/bladder so it's the other way around. Wishing you good luck for your operation!


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