Anyone else suffering from constipation after laparascopy?

I had my laparoscopy three months ago. I had stage 4 endometriosis with kissing ovaries, and those ovaries were also "hugging" my intestine (don't really know which one). Everything wat cut free, which took two extra hours because the MRI didn't show the hugging part. As I understand the finished work is quite a masterpiece!

However, right after surgery I could't pee. This was caused by nerve damage to my bladder, and I had to use catheters for five weeks. But it healed, luckily, and I was happy. But I'm also still suffering from constipation. I thought it was because my intestines just had to recover from the large surgery, but because it has been three months now the doctors say it is probably also caused by nerve damage. And this time they can't really say if it is ever goin to heal!

So for now I'm using laxatives until my next doctor's appointment. If they don't find anything then, I may have to use them for the rest of my life. This is not something I'm looking forward to. Is there anyone else who had the same experience after surgery? And did it heal?

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  • Hi Nikser

    I had very bad constipation following my lap for about 6-8 weeks until it started easing up. However, I have since still suffered badly from constipation and am told it can be part and parcel of having endo. I now have to take lactulose syrup every day which does definitely help. I don't think mine was as a result of my surgery but thought I'd share anyway as one who knows the feeling and expects to be taking lactulose for the foreseeable future!

  • Hi Nikser

    I had lapo for removal of my ovary, endo was discovered once they started my op, my bowel was stuck to my womb, which I understand was released. It took me 4 days to have a movement after the op and was very contispated for the next 3 days, but am back to my normally routine now, if not easier. Hope you get something sorted x

  • What pain killers are you on as I get terribly constipated with any of them and have to take movicol with them. Hope you're feeling a bit better now x

  • Thank you all for your answers! It's always nice to know you're not alone :-) I'm really hoping it's not a damaged nerve but something that can be fixed. I never suffered from constipation before, so it must be from the operation. I can actually feel a bump in the lower left corner of my stomach. This is where it all piles up. I'm not taking any painkillers however, because I don't have any pain. I am only on zoladex,which the doctor says cannot be the cause of my constipation. I'm keeping positive until my next hospital visit next month and hope that they will find the true nature of my complaints.

  • I have had this same problem since surgery did you every find out what it was or if it could be treated?? Making me sad :(

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