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Endometrioma and pregnancy advice please!

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My MRI has shown 5cm endometrioma on/in both ovaries, and endo on the ovaries and spotted around and also between the bowel and uterus. My periods are manageable though I first went to doctors due to severe pain after sex. It has taken 6 months to find out which type of ovarian cysts I have.....I had no idea I had endometriosis! The surgeon is basically saying they may have to remove the ovaries to be able to remove the cysts, which I absolutely do not want to do. My partner and I had just started trying for a baby when the pains started. I'm 36. Do I risk the surgery that may result in the loss of/or damage to my ovaries? I wonder if I can get pregnant, whether it would be better to cope with any pain and keep trying rather than loose the chance altogether? Does anyone have experience of endometriomas and pregnancy? I have found very few stories online.

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Hi I'm 2 weeks post op in the same situation as u (same age) and luckily they saved my ovaries. One endometiona was 8cm and the other side was 4cm with alot of other endometriosis (that I didn't know I had also) message me if you want any more info. I would say make sure you have a good surgeon and being treated at a sepicist centre x

Hi! I've had 2 surgeries for endometrioma cyst removals I've had 3 cysts all together 2 on my right and 1 on my left. They got to sizes of 10cm, 12cm and 15cms. The surgeon told me before my surgery that they may have to take my ovaries but they would only do that if it was absolutely necessary. The 2 biggest cysts were on my right ovary and both surgeries they didn't have to take any of the ovary away they just took the cysts out but on the first surgery they did take quite a lot of my left ovary. I have since been told that my left is still releasing eggs and I am fertile. Even with just a small amount of my left ovary left. It is probably unlikely for them to take your ovaries, they would only do that if it was 100% necessary and even if they had to take part of one or one whole ovary you would still probably be able to have babies (just my thoughts I'm not an expert) I am 26 and this is just my own experience rather than advice as I'm no expert, I've just been through something similar to you as I haven't got children (yet! I'm still recovering from my second surgery) and am recently married. I wish you all the best whatever you decide to do!! X (P.s also like the other post has advised make sure you look into the surgeon, I assumed the gynaecologist I spoke to the first time knew what she was doing but she wasn't an expert in endo which is why I ended up having to have surgery twice in less than 1 year)


I'm in the same boat really I'm 26 me and my fella been trying for about 3 years went to have tests done and found out I had 2 cysts one on each ovary and I had my op on the 27th October I'm due to go bak to work on the 26th November and I feel great .. I was in surgery longer than expected as my cysts had grown very big one side was up to my rib cage... so was in there a while... but they did save my ovaries he told me he would only remove what was really needed knowing that me and fella want a baby.. I'm now waiting on my appointment for ivf xx

I got for laperoscopy next week to remove endometriomas from ovaries. The consultant did an ovarian reserve test and thankfully mine are quite high so surgery will be fine. He did say that I won't loose ovaries but even if one was to be taken it I would still be fine with one ovary. I'm hoping this surgery will

Increase our chances of conceiving. I hope this helps somewhat xxx

Your surgeon can remove any endometriosis scarring and lesions during the laparoscopy. This is great unless he makes any sort of injury while invasion. As far as you've told about the possibity of your ovaries loss you should think twice. I don't know how severe your endo is, but if it concerns ovaries emoval than I guess you suffer much. I did lapo. But in my case I knew my eggs anyway were no more good for ivf. We used donor ones. So actually the surgery was done due to some pain relief. I got extremelly tired of those constant pains and painful intercourse. These are the things which don't make life easier.. I know ladies on forums who got prego with one ovary only. Your chances are still high. Take care and good luck!

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