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Will some one clear this up for me re Zoladex

Hi there

I have recently seen 2 or three posts on here that say Zoladex is a chemotherapy.My understanding was it is a hormone based treatment ,yes it is also used to treat Prostrate cancer and some breast cancers but no medicl proffesional has ever said to me that this is a chemo drug.Im a long standing Endo sufferer pretty much been through the lot but there are some newly diagnosed people who uses this site for support and it concerns me wrong imformation is being given out and terrifying people .If i am wrong about this then my apologies but im sure some one would have mentioned to me me that this is a chemo before now.Just think we should be mindful of what imfo we give out on this site.thanks X

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No, it absolutely is not chemotherapy.

You're right, it is used in the treatment of prostate cancer, but as a hormone treatment.

I don't think anybody has set out to deliberately mislead, but I know what you mean about the dangers of misinformation - my pet hate are the "I can't wait to have a hysterectomy because it will cure endometriosis" posts. No, it won't.

I also get uncomfortable about the news that a certain surgeon is practically God when it comes to endometriosis and can cure anybody. No, he can't. Surgeons have high success rates when endometriosis falls within the parameters of their treatment. You don't hear about the people he can't treat because of the nature of their disease.

Thank you for posting this. Sometimes I find myself halfway through replying to a question about any of the above and deleting it because I think I'm sounding negative, and nobody wants that, but on the other hand you're absolutely right, newly diagnosed people need hard facts, not false hope. Or scaring to death with words like chemotherapy!

C x



I absolutely agree with both of you...

Hormonal treatments could be used for assistance in cancer cases and thats all. It is not chemo for Gods sake.

Very well addressed from Chrissie about the hysterectomy, the procedure would do nothing if endo is growing in different locations.

Sometimes I get very annoyed or upset with answers like that, there was a post a while ago where a lady had reactions in her nose and face after eating nuts and soy.

The first response she got from someone here in this site it was that she could have endo in the lung! SERIOUSLY? Yes it can happen, but you dont say this straight away to terrify a vulnerable person...especially when food like nuts and soy are number one to cause allergy/intolerance etc so the first speculation should be some kind of food sensitivity....

Jo x


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