Bowel issues, I think it hates me. Help. *warning might be too much info for some*

Hi this may be a bit too detailed for some but if you have any advice or anything I'd be soo grateful.

I had endo and adenomyosis. Also have gluten allergy (haven't eaten it for about 5 years now).

I've had two laps. Most recent at start of July 2017. Went well.

My problem is (and has been even before I was diagnosed with glute allergy or endo and adenomyosis) my bowel seems to hate me.

I can go for up to two weeks without a bowel movement or can go every day sometimes twice a day. All as normal solid motions. Sometimes if after a few days they can be harder to pass but still solid.

The problem comes when my gut, intestines, bowel whatever you want to call the area from below the belly button to the exits, decides it doesn't like me. And when that happens it just cramps up and seems to clamp down on whatever is in there. The pain is extreme. It can ease with deep breaths or can need painkillers (while sitting on thr loo not knowing if it's going to relax). Once it let's up I can have solid motions followed by not so solid ones. Ranging from porridge to liquid. And as it happens I can feel my insides cramping, pushing, moving it's just yuk.

This can happen any time of the day or night. Whether I've had a big meal, small meals or nothing for a few hours. It's been suggested it could be stress related but I don't think this is the case, cause when I was younger and did exams I was worried about I got a bad tummy until after the exam but this is different.

I put it down to food issues before due to gluten by mistake but from keeping s food diary I know it's not.

Has anyone these issues and is there anything people have found that helps?

Thanks and sorry for the details

Fi x

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  • Probiotics, stool softeners, and enemas (when needed). I've had many bowel issues in my life and those always seemed to help.

  • Hi Fuzzyfo

    You need to see a gastroenterologist and a specialist dietician. She will discuss FODMAPPING and all this will help

    Good luck x

  • I have had this for 2 years. Similar to yourself I have endo and lactose intolerance so always try to eat well to avoid flare ups.

    My doc had me keep a food diary to try and pin point anything that was a trigger, maybe this can help you? If there is nothing that is obvious try asking them to look into it.

    I had rectal bleeding a lot with mine and after 3 different docs telling me I had piles, 2 years later (laparoscopy and appendix removed) they discovered endo on my bowel and suspect this could be causing it.

    I'm not saying that because your symptoms are similar this could be your issues, just that maybe make a good diary and if they persist follow your instincts and ask for some further tests. Hope this helps and you get better soon! X

  • I have tried the FODMAP but personally found it very difficult as I am vegetarian I did it for 8 weeks it didn't really help but even reading about it gave me more of an idea how everything works and which food is digested where so worth having a look as need a dietitian to guide you through I went to a group session on the NHS with a dietitian to explain it then a one to one 8 weeks later to dicuss and start reintroducing thinga. I had some brilliant NHS leaflet to say what you can and cant have down to which brands are ok or not, but cutting onion and garlic out completely was really hard and didn't make much difference for me but everyones different.

    Slippery elm is brilliant for bowels and stomach can buy on Neils Yard website mix teaspoon full in the evening with quarter cup boiling water and drink pretty quick it is a bit weird but works briliiantly soothing .

  • Start having a probiotic every day.. helped me so much!!

  • Thank you all for your advice. X

  • I had severe cramps before my endometriosis operation too. It can be socially limiting and extremely painful. However, after the operation the situation gradually improved. Now I am 11 months post operation and don't suffer much at all. Hopefully your situation will improving in the coming months.

  • I had bad bowel issues and have tried low Fodmap diet without much improvement. Have now got virtually no problems at by following Carolyn Levett'so endometriosis diet -eliminating wheat, meat, dairy products, processed soya, refined sugar and with minimal caffeine. I eat fruit and vegetables, pulses and lots of nuts and seeds organic when possible. It is difficult to follow and I have occasional lapses but used in combination with 'natural' progesterone cream I have dramatically improved my symptoms. I have also eliminated hormone disruptors from all my toiletries too (no parabens or petrochemical derived ingredients). Not easy to do but after persisting for several months it has really helped.

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