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fed up and in pain

my first post and smallish rant....

im a bit fed up at the mo, oct 3rd cant come soon enough, when i see gynae again.

Been going back and forth to the drs the last few months, with bloating, sore abdomen, pain etc, bad ibs-d.

My gp refered me to gynae a few weeks ago as he seems to think my ibs-d probs are related to my endo again yet again!!!!!.

Meds im on currently are deprove-provera injection the of which was only mon, along with the mirena coil for the endo, mebeverine for the ibs-d which i have only been on a few weeks and no sign of improvement on all my symptoms.

The amount of pain ive been in is doing my head in as painkillers aint touching it at all, paracetamol and naproxen.... back ache, cramps, pain all over my abdomen etc

Ive had many laps over the years that ive sorted of lost count... could be having another one again if things dont improve.....

I also get a sneaky feeling that ive got endo on my bowel, which would explain the ibs-d flare up that im currently having, not good for me first thing in the morning....

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I know what you mean, my gynea appointment is the 2nd of October. It's a year since my last lap where they told me they didnt think my pain was gynea related, since then I've been treated for IBS and had cognitive behaviour therapy. Sounds to me like you need to be given stronger pain killers. Mebeverine does nothing for me either but peppermint oil tablets do help me with the IBS symptoms. For the pain I take either co-codamol or tramadol with mefenamic acid which work well for gynea problems. Hope we both get some kind of answers from our consultants, feels like I know more than them about endo sometimes, x


hi missteal

im on the stongest painkillers they can give me at the moment, unfortuanalty they dont seem to be working (naproxen) and ive tried all the well known ibs meds over the yrs, last ones were buscupan, along with all the pills and other stuff they treat endo with, so im hoping they can help me on the 3 oct, the big thing that making me fed up is the back ache and the pain in and round my pelvic, feels like history is repeating itself yet again


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