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Update and sigmoidoscopy

Hi ladies,

i thought I would just give you an update of how I'm going. So I had my last lap on June 20th and then had my first period only 2 months after coming off of the Zoladex and it wasn't even that bad :). I am now on the depo injection which thankfully has stopped my periods all together but as I am finding out sadly isn't stopping the pain, but its till not that bad as it's not that long since the last lap.

The doctors have concerns that I have endo growing inside my bowel, colon etc as well as everywhere else on the outside, so I have t have a sigmoidoscopy to see what is going on in there. This is going to be in a weeks time on the 21st and I am really not looking forward to the bowel prep etc but hopefully it will give me some answers as to why the right hip is always painful after laps.

I shall give you all an update as to how it goes and what they find.

Lots of love

Heather xx

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I wish you good luck and soon pain free! ;)

Jo x


Hope it goes well and you get some answers x


Hope it goes well and you get the answer you need.

Let us know how it goes.

If you need to chat message me.


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