I recently wrote saying I was going to have a colonoscopy but when I got my letter from consultant he's opted for a sigmoidoscopy instead. Has anyone had one before . From what I gather it's pretty similar to Colonoscopy just don't go up as far? Mri showed endometriosis on bowel and have bleeding out back passage every so often sorry tmi but it literally is just dripping out and fills the toilet bowl.

Any advice and info is appreciated as not looking forward to the bowel prep.


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Hi, I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy just over a month ago. They opted for that over colonoscopy as I wouldn't have to do the bowel prep over the 24 hours before , you just have to arrive a couple hours before the sigmoidoscopy for an enema. I had some sedation during the procedure but it was ok, didn't last long .

I also have endo in my bowel which they could see, they took biopsies just to make sure it wasn't anything else.

i had 2 picolax bowel preps day before mine. make sure you arent far from a toilet cause when it does kick in it is very effective. some soft wipes will be welcomed too ;-) i could have had sedation but opted for gas and air so i could go home straight after. it was uncomfortable and felt a little crampy as they moved it around but i managed to just breathe in and out deeply like when i gave birth and got through it ok. i was glad i could just go straight home after it.

good luck u will be fine x

I've had it - they go to the first curve of the bowel under the left rib. I still had to do the bowel prep (sorry) as that means they can they go further round if they need to. No sedation and no pain relief and it took under 10 minutes. They didn't find endo in the bowel (though I had endo shaved off the outside during surgery) but they did find that the constipation caused by the endo has given me very severe haemorrhoids and that was where my bleeding is coming from. If it's bright red and brisk it's often that. Hope that helps.

Thanks for your replies ladies. I got a parcel in the post last week thinking it was something exciting ... nope it was my bowel prep lol. I've told them I don't feel overly confident doing it at home myself so they've said just to come in a little earlier and can do it at hospital. My appt is next Saturday. Just want it out the way. Xx

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