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out of the ordinary heavy bleeding

I had my follow up in july after stopping gnrh injections in may, booked in for blood tests tomorrow as my periods hadnt come back - however in the past 24 hours id like to think mother nature has finally made her appearence but the bleeding is out of the ordinary , in all my 15 yrs since 'starting' this is not normal for me ( and i know its not a failed pregnancy) , the pain and temperature around my kidneys and top of my pelvis is just bareable . Anyone experienced this for the first cycle since stopping gnrh?

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I was on GNRH for about six months and my first period two months later was horrific. Was soooooo heavy, and soooo painful. I know as endo sufferers we have painful periods but this was a totally new level. I couldn't bear anyone touching me anywhere. Sympathies xoxox


I hope you are feeling better today.

I have stopped my zoladex injections in July and now I am waiting not wanting my periods to come back as I am so scared to see what they will bring with it.

If you need to talk give me a message.


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