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Should I push for a second opinion?

I'll cut a long and complicated story short (hopefully lol).

I started my periods at 10, always had bad pain, my mum used to feed me co-dydramol from the age of 12! After having my son 5 years ago I started getting period pain constantly worse after ovulation until i came on. Took me 2 years to get to see a gynea, it was put down to being in my head because i was abused as a child! (stupid dr's). They did a lap and found endo covering my right pelvic wall my right ovary and tube and part of the outside of my womb. I was tried on all the different hormone contraceptives, all of which made me bleed constantly. My pain got worse and worse again and I had another lap a year ago. In this one they told me I didn't have endo and that I had an ovary stuck behind my uterus and lots of scarring caused by an old infection.

Since then I've had cognistive behaviour therapy because one gp told me id tuned myself into my nerves or alternatively "its all in your head syndrome". They've now told me it's IBS and I'm being treated with norethisterone for 4 months at a time for "painful periods".

I am sure this isnt right and I keep getting fobbed off, should I push for a second/third opinion??

Thanks for reading my ramblings x

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Hell yeah you should! I can't believe doctors are still feeding us this crap that it's in our heads, it's ibs, it's painful periods! What a load of bs.

I would definitely go to a different gp, different hospital, different gynaecologist etc especially any familiar with endo (they all tend to be private though)

What area of the country are you in? I will ask people on the forums if they know of anyone good.

People don't understand unless they have it, I often wish just one day of this on my DR just to see if she could "just try to live a normal life" aren't doctors supposed to help us!

Thinking of you & sending big hugs xxx


Hi, thanks for your reply, I am in west sussex. I've tried seeing different GP's and they all tell me something different. I've supposedly been under the same consultant for the last 4 years however I've only met him once which was just before my 2nd lap. Every consultation I've had it's been with a different Dr and it's so frustrating. If you can find a decent consultant near me then I'll ask to be referred to them as the one im under is rubbish!! x


I am in West Sussex and I can recommend James English in Brighton. Informative, gentle and kind :)


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