Do I need a second opinion

For as long as I can remeber my periods have caused nothing but agony and upset. from having to take time of school to have my time of the month to actualy being fired from 2 jobs due to absence. I have now been referred to a gynaecology department and had 2 emergency visits to hospital. First I was told all my symptoms were POCS, painfull periods (dysmenorrhoea) and the fact I had 3 functional cyst on my right ovary. The after another internal ultrasound and follow up to be told I have a lot of calcification in my right ovary and 2 cyst still present, my symptoms including killer cramps with my period and most days through the month, pain after sex exercise, bleeding after sex and painfull bowel movements would not be cause by POCS and would suggest endometriosis which I would need a lap investigation to confrim. I was asked to lose some weight to make surgery safer for me and went back to the hospital 7 weeks later I had managed to shed 1.5 stone in this time as I am so desperate for answers bit this time I was told the lap investigation can only confrim it and they are 90% certain I have endometriosis so it would be better for me to try the mirena coil as it helps with symptons. I tried to explain to the doctor I would prefer the lap investigation as I would be able to give work a confirmed diagnosis but feel as though I was pushed to opt for the mirena coil. Which was he'll getting inserted and I have had for the past 6 weeks and I am not feeling any benefits. I now constantly have a thick smelly discharge to add to everything else. has anyone else had an experience like this would you ask for a second opinion? I so fed up of people thinking I am making it all up.

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If you have smelly discharge go to the hospital if you can, I had a reaction to the nuva ring and that happened. I also got BV when I started taking a progesterone pill which can quickly develop into PID and cause a ton of other issues that might result in a hyst if not treated early.

Defiantly get a second opinion.

Hi yes I would get a second opinion. You need the lap to find out what is going on. With regards to discharge please get it checked out Incase of infection.

Hi, I am so sorry to hear you are having such a bad time of it, but I would definitely get a second opinion. It is not all in your head, just because they can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there or doesn't exist! When it comes to your own body you are the expert, pain is there as a warning that something is wrong, listen to your body. Keeping a pain diary (plus any extra info) is always an excellent tool, and take it with you whenever you see a doctor or specialist.

Best wishes

thank you all for getting back to me. I have called the clinic and I am being seen today regarding the discharge.

I have felt so alone with this pain for so long and just feel aso though when I have been the hospital I don't see the same doctor it's always some one different and they all have different views on what's what. It's very frustrating that they are telling me they think is 90% definitely is endometriosis but not many women find the lap investigation no help all we can do is remove anything that's there :( you are better trying the mirena coil. I feel as though I have hit a dead end.

I would push to be referred to a BSGE centre jonesz90. And yes they should do a lap and remove what they can see otherwise the pain is only going to get worse as the endo is still there!! You do need to see a qualified specialist as you dont want someone who isn't sure what they are doing going in and possibly making things worse.

I would go back to your GP and ask to be referred to a BSGE centre, maybe research which ones are close to you before going as some gps dont know what they are.

I hope you get this sorted.

The problem with endo is hormones feed it I would push for a lap as hormones could end up making things worse for u and also make sure u get refered to a bsge centre as problem with General gynaecology is not skilled to deal with severe cases of endo least if u have the lap it will give u the dignosis don't let them fob u off xx

Hi, sorry you're in the place I was. I took it upon myself to go to the local sexual health clinic and ask for the coil to be removed. I too was pushed into having it fitted during a lap procedure. It's unfortunate that they have to try all avenues before they are prepared to do anything, after the coil came prostap and after 6 months from last injection my endo is the worst it's ever been, so referred back to gynae and finally agreed to a full hysterectomy on 9 Nov is what I've begged for the best part of 20 years. Be prepared and don't give up, second opinion won't do much for you. Good luck!

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