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Going back to work but still have pain

Hi all

Just looking for a bit of advice..I have been on the sick since Jan 15 and i am due back into work on Tuesday.I am still in lots of pain but i need to go back as my job could be in jeopardy i fell like i am in a catch 22 situation on this as i am always tied and in pain all the time.I am awaiting a hysterectomy as mentioned in last post.I suppose i am asking how do people cope with work and pain.

Thanks Sharon.

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I am working with pain so that I can take time to heal when I get a lap etc. I make sure I take pain meds regularly and always have a back-up. I use CoCodamol morning and evening and top up with Ibuprofen and Tramadol as need be. I have accepted that things are maybe not as good as before I was ill and do what I can, me being here and doing something is better than me being at home doing nothing! Work are aware of my situation and I have the ability to leave if things get bad but I try not to use this in case it is used against me. I make sure I have a lunchbreak to eat and talk to someone else at work rather than working through; it keeps me social and helps me to feel normal.

I tend towards easy meals when I get home - chicken in a tomato sauce with veg and pasta, fajitas, spag bol so that we are not spending hours cooking. If I just am not up to it then it's chicken dippers and mini waffles or a takeaway and that's just the way it is. Some days I have less stamina than others so I just loll on the sofa and watch Netflix or some TV.

It is hard but I try not to feel bad when I can't get things done or when I am too tired to talk at the end of the day. Mostly I just muddle through.

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Thanks Mindstorm

It is so hard for us woman men dont know they are born sometimes.

Well i hope you lap comes round soon for you keep well and take care.

Sharon x


Hi Sharon, I have adeno and Endo and have my hysterectomy booked for37 days (countdown) and I can not wait, I had 2 small part time jobs and have given 1 up as it was cleaning and far to much for me and I lost my job in my sons school due to time off and planned ops,

I havnt got much advice only that it might be a good idea to find out where you stand legally and financially,

Our health is the most inportant thing, although I appreciate the need to work, I'm so bored and in pain daily, been in bed all day today in peices just sent kids up chippy,

We need to be as healthy as possible for our hysterectomy as our recovery will depend on it, a hot water bottle and perhaps changing pain killers, what do you take??

I'm on morphine sulphate 30mg 12 hour release tabs, and I'm still in pIn,



Aw thanks hun for the reply

I wish i was on count down for my op i still got months to go yet as stated in my post before i could be waiting upto 8 months for the op.

They have only gave me paracetamol and ibuprofen as i have reflux and there are not many options for me to take painkillers.

I just wished i could take something different but i just cant as i have pains in the chest like i am having a heart attack thats the reflux for you grrrr.

I go to slimming world so i eat very healthy anyway obv i do have days when i cant be bothered but i have lost nearly 2 n 1/2 stone since last year.

Well any way hun take care hope all goes well for the op if i dont hear from you before xx


I have undiagnosed Endo and this makes my working life harder. I have left many jobs because of too much time off sick. I use to hide it by saying I didn't feel well, had a sickness bug, cold etc. now I tell my boss straight - I have a disease which is making me nauseous and leaves me in much pain. I have tissue that is adhering to my organs and it's possibly on my umbilical cord. Even then they still ask daily "Are you better now?" No I will never be 'better'. Untill I can get a doctor to take me seriously I am screwed.

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That is the hard part. If we are not moaning about it all the time people assume things are getting better rather than probably degenerating inside and we are just doing our best.

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I have been off since December. My work don't understand and have failed to think about suitable adjustments so I asked for a referral to occupational health, hopefully they agree with a list of adjustments I have thought of that are small tweaks to help me do my job, could you do the same? I completely know where you're coming from and I'm apprehensive working when in pain (I'm a teacher) but I don't know what else to do. I take amitriptyline that helps with muscle and back pain but I have bowel pain that it doesn't do much for, I am under going investigations but what I really need is another lap!


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