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Can you have a lap/op under local anaesthetic?

My doctor today has said that I will need surgery to remove the ovarian cyst I have.

I don't know if this is just wishful thinking, as I'm quite a bit afraid of going under anaesthetic, but, is it possible to have it done under a local?

I finally got a coherent gyno appointment today, the doctor was so lovely and understanding about my other conditions.

He said considering the cyst he would put me forward for surgery from the endo specialist, however he wants me to meet him first due to my other conditions, so I have an appointment with him next Tuesday.

I'm just slightly worried about being under though, it's something that's bothering me.

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I wouldn't think so lovely-they put a hole through your belly button you wouldn't want to be awake!

I have had two surgeries- a hysteroscopy and a laparoscopy- and was under for both.

I was terrified of the thought of being under but honestly it's really not that bad- you are very safe and are closely watched. The anesthesiologist will meet you before you go into theatre to see what you are like awake.

Everyone is really jolly in theatre and will especially if you're nervous put you at ease- my first op I told them how scared I was and they were lovely made it ok for me. My second op I was I'm fine!

You will feel the anesthesitic going into your arm and they will make you count and you will be fast asleep- it's no time passed it's very strange!

I think it's standard to do laparoscopy- under particularly if there's treatment planned. ( I had endo diagnosis and removed at the same time).

You will need someone to stay home with you for 24 hours as you will feel drowsy.

You can do this xoxo good luck xoxo


Thank you.

I'm most likely being a baby.

I'm lucky enough to not have had one yet, so maybe that's what has made me more fearful.

I have other medical issues, which can make them more complicated, but this doctor was so understanding, he said it before I had a chance to mention it, he wants a full work up of everything on me to make sure my body can withhold the surgery.


You're not being a baby- I was exactly the same before my first operation- it is normal to worry it is surgery and that is scary. And truly honestly general it's really not bad- my second op I wasn't at all nervous regarding general anesthesia. Modern anaesthetic is very good these day's.

It's good your doctor is aware of any medical conditions- they will take all that into account- nothing for you to worry about.

You can do this xoxo

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Thanks, I'm going to try to cope/get over my fears.

Yes, the fact they are aware, and are going to do everything possible to make sure I am safe is really great news, I know if I go in and everything is fine, I can rely on that and just relax.

I'm getting so much pain from it, I came off two days ago and I still have pain in my side. I think it will be best for me to have it removed, so I'm just going to have to woman up!


Think when you've had your op you will be pain free!

I had terrible pain from my endometriosis- it was so nice to know the cause and to have it dealt with it was like someone gave me my life back! Just doing daily activities was such hard work- I would come home in tears from working.

You will feel so much better once it's done xoxo

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I've been under a general a number of times, and with complete honesty- it's not something you should fear. It's like you fall asleep and then wake up instantly. You have no knowledge of time passed. It's truly amazing. I think it would be more traumatic to be coherent and awake during the surgery than to be asleep for it. If you are really nervous then can give you something to calm you down. You'll be just fine. Deep breaths! Big, warm hugs.


You are right, I would imagine it's quite distressing to see them operating and hear it all.

I don't like to not be in control, so this just makes me feel uneasy. I think it's something I'm going to have to work on and work on conquering my fears about this.

I might have a look at something like hypnosis or the like, as something to keep me calm and help me cope with it.

I'm fine with so many medical things, MRI's, needles and the like, but operations/aesthetic really make me worried.


Hey, I feel the exact same way as you and I don't even know if I need surgery yet. But the thought of not being in control of when you wake up, scares me

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It's scary isn't it?

And just the thought that something could happen, yet I have no control over my body. I just don't like it at all!


I was absolutely petrified of the general anaesthetic but the fear of it was far far worse than the reality. I woke up from the surgery feeling as though I had just had a little nap!

As others have said, the medical staff are so used to looking after people who are worried and do everything they can to make you feel at ease.

I was sat up in bed eating marmite on toast and drinking coffee less than 30 mins after arriving back on the ward. Went in for the op at about 15.30 and walked out the hospital just after 19.00! I was so surprised how unaffected I was. I know others experience a lot more tiredness but just wanted you to be reassured at how well our bodies can cope with such procedures.

Wish you all the best with your operation and recovery



Thanks so much for this.

It's good to hear others who were worried and it's all gone fine for them.

I doubt I will be able to be up and about so quickly, due to other conditions I'm bed-bound with pain after a normal hospital appointment, so I don't think my body will recover as well immediately afterwards.


Sorry to hear your recovery may take longer. Everyone's recovery is different and very much dependant on what treatment you have during the op. Just take all the rest you need to aid your recovery. I really hope it doesn't take as long as you are anticipating.



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