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Anyone had a POSITIVE experience with the mirena coil?


Hello everyone :)

I have heard a lot of horror stories about the coil but would really appreciate it if anyone could share some positive stories about their experience with the mirena coil.

It has been offered to me (a last resort before more drastic action) and I would really like a balanced view before I make a decision.

Thank you :) xx

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My story is a bit of both. More positive then negative though.

The first few days I was in a lot of pain so definitely take a few days off as this seems to be fairly normal. The next 6 months I got quite a lot of pain and a few heavy periods. Although I was in pain it wasn't as bad as the pains before the coil. The next 6 months the bleeding stopped and the pain got further apart. The next 3 years I had no pain or bleeding. I may have spotted once or twice in the 3 years. The last year sadly I had a miscarriage. So the contraceptive side had started to fail. Also my periods slowly came back but very light and the pain was also manageable with paracetamol. It took about 3 months after the coil was removed for it to wear off and my pains come back properly :-( I would of got another one fitted when I had it removed but I was planning on starting a family. I'm having one fitted at my next lap. Might as well have the belly ache at the same time as I'm off sick for surgery x x

Catness in reply to Jofus89

Thank you for your reply. I'd heard that it have you a tummy pains and thought I would have to take a few days off so I am prepared for that. I am going to uni in September as a mature student and really don't want my endo to interfere with my studies. The course starts late September, do you think it would have chance to settle a bit by then? Thank you again :) xx

They say give it 6 months at the most.

When you getting it fitted?

The pains I had after that first week I was able to handle with paracetamol and ibuprofen during the day and a hot water bottle at night. So although they where there a lot it was manageable. You should be fine at uni. X x

Morning, I had a mirena fitted after my lap for my endo and contraception. Prior to this I bled excessively through clothing onto furniture.

At first I hated it, just felt a bit odd like it didn't fit with me but I persevered and let in settle in for a good few months as I didn't really have many more options.

Blamed it for my leg pain but turns our that is the endo. I never bleed other than the odd bit of not that pleasant discharge. Has worked as contraceptive for me and helped the bleeding dramatically. No effect on pain relief but I'm having other treatment for that.

Hi I have had the mirena coil for 2 and a half years and it was the best thing I could have done! I had some bleeding for the first 6 months but not a drop since then which is amazing! I was like you I had only heard horror stories and only agreed to it because the gynaecologist offered me general anaesthetic for insertion and she promised to take it out as soon as I wanted it out. I do however still get quite bad pain however much more manageable. Good luck for whatever you do.

Danielle xxx

I had my first Mirena fitted about 4 years ago, I had it fitted at the end of my period and for about 2 weeks felt a bit wierd, had one period and then that was it. I blamed it for discomfort in my stomach and decided to have it removed and went back on the pill, so I had it fitted for about 2 years. I really think now that it was just the endo getting worse. I have now had a second one fitted as I just couldn't cope with losing time having periods when I couldn't do anything because of the pain, this time I can only tell you the immediate effect as I have only had it for 3 weeks. Had it fitted at the start of what should have been a period, bled after it was inserted but not a lot just for that day. I did have all of the pain that I associate with my period so struggled for a couple of days but that has been it, keep thinking i'll come on but hoping I don't, I can't say at present that it's settled already as it seems too easy. I have a few friends with Mirena's and they all highly recommend them.

I've had the Mirena for 2 years now. I never had any pain or heavy bleeding associated with my endo; my gyno. just advised me to have the Mirena inserted to prevent the small amount of endo that I did have to keep from getting any worse. At my last checkup my gyno. said that the endo. is staying nicely where it is -- not growing. I didn't have any real pain during insertion of the Mirena, nor afterwards. The only neg. from Mirena that I have are cysts on my ovaries. I usually don't even feel or notice them, but occassionally I get a bit sore around there and have some nausea. But it always goes away in a day's time or two. Oh yeah, and I was spotting almost daily, but no heavy bleeding, for about the first 3 months after the Mirena was inserted. I still get periods two years on now, but they are very light, and I don't need anything more than a pantyliner. I have a feeling that my hair has gotten thinner, too. But that just may be due to overall aging... (I'm 44).

Thank you so much for all your replies :) I think I'm going to try it and my consultant said she would do it under general anesthetic as I have a heart-shaped uterus and would take it out as soon as I wanted it out so it seems like it's worth a go xx

It's been fantastic! Took a few months to settle down, but the pain wasn't any worse than it had been before, and now I have much, much less pain and hardly have any periods at all (they were truly dreadful before). Absolute life-saver for me.

Good luck, and I hope it works out well for you.

Catness in reply to Aquitaine

Thank you :)

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