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coil and infections ?

i had the coil put in on the 3rd of june as most of you know but was creased over with pain this weekend went to docs last night at the hospital and he ran a few tests and basically got four different infections one tubal, vaginal, urine and womb and now on 4 antibiotics to get rid of them but doctor said to have the coil taken out in week as my body does not like it and i will just get more and more infections but gynae said this is my last option so dont know wot to do whether to go back on pill which stops bleeding but not pain or go on another treatment that stops pain but you bleed i cant figure out which will be best pain or bleeding bleeding causes more washing as i come on really heavy and expensive cos i have to buy tenas and plus i wont be able to have sex with my husband but even without bleeding it is painful so still bad and also with pain i am popping painkillers constantly and it is starting to affect my liver i really dont know aaarrrrgggghhh :(

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well i was the same as you... endless pains with the coil and i had to get it taken out after 6 months.... i am popping pills now and that the only choice or you can go on Depo-Provera injection instead of popping pills but it is entirely up to you... sorry to hear that you are in pain with it and bleeding all the time... so ask about the mini pills or depo-provera injection which one is the best one... x


Hi Learidd

I was also the same as you and had a horrendous reaction to the coil. It also had to come out after I ended up in hospital as an emergency for 2 days. I didnt have any trouble in getting it removed but then comes the problem of what to do next.

Have you tried or been offered zoladex/prostap or decapeptyl which are given by injection? The aim is to put you in a temporary menopause but keep the pain and growth of endo at bay. I didnt like the sound of this when it was first mentioned and put it off until I had no other options left. And I'm happy to say it did work for me and I wished I'd tried it sooner.

Before having any endo treatment I was on the mini-pill and found Femodene the best one for me.

Good luck :)


Hi! I've just seen your post, I've been in agony since having the coil fitted but due to it stopping the bleeding kept it in and tried to deal. It got worst and went to the doctors and found out that I had an infection in my womb. Had countless antibiotics and still feel awful! This is the only thing that has stopped the bleeding but onviously can't go on like this! What did you do next?!



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