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Merina coil

Hi ladies, just wanted some advice had the merina coil put in a year ago after heavy periods(docs said it would solve my problems!!!). Was fine for a while but now experiencing period type pains and bleeding which has lasted for a month!! Been to the docs today they have given me a course of hormones to try and stop the bleeding and have referred me for an ultrasound to see what is going on! I'm thinking just have the coil removed it is causing more trouble than its solving. Any thoughts?

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Hi, just boosting your post up as I'd love to hear people's experience with mirena too, I had mine in for 3.5 weeks and have been bleeding really heavy the last 5 days I feel so tired and emotional, it's really hard trying to keep it together.

How did you get on the first year, did you have any troubles?

I feel like I have to persevere as if this doesn't work I don't know if there is an alternative and I don't want a hysterectomy just yet I'm not ready :( have had endo lasered twice and now have Adenomyosis

Hope you feel better soon



Had mine since mid December and have been bleeding for a month. Pain has changed, told at check up they couldn't see coil, told best have scan to check no cysts have them too and still sat here wondering what the hell I'm doing! So fed up to say the least! X.


Hi, the first couple of months lots of problems heavy bleeding painful emotional sore boobs the lot, but then it settled and was fine for 6 months! I thought fantastic but now gone back to square one am fed up but when I asked to have it removed said to have a scan to make sure nothing else causing the problems! It seems to me they are super keen to put these coils in not so keen when you want to have them removed early! So I shall have the scan if nothing shows up I have decided it is coming out and we shall see what happens from there!! hope your problems settle down! 😊


Wish I had something helpful to say :( hope you get sorted.


Seems like everyone in the same boat here, I've not heard of many success stories with the mirena :(


I had problems with bleeding most of my life bleed for 18 weeks once had the marina coil put in not had no problems since Iv have had a scare and had it taking out to see if I had cancer when I had it taken out I bleed very lots could not sit down had to have some think under me all the time and in bed had to have some think under me but when they put it back in had lots of pain but no more bleeding it's been the best think for me x


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