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Constipation!! Anyone else suffered?

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I am folllowing (70 - 80% of the time) wheat, dairy, soya, (gluten most of the time) and red meat free endo diet.

I have had horrendous constipation for the last month, to the point where I am practically screaming with the pain of going to the loo and have only been twice in last week!

I was a bit constipated after my op (excision surgery in February) but it has just got worse and worse.

My mum brought me some lactulose from her chemist a couple of days ago so trying that at the min.

Just wondered if anyone else has had this and what you think causes it? Is it the diet?

And what you found worked?

Thank you :-) xx

6 Replies

I suffer so badly from constipation too but since I have changed my diet it has helped me a lot eating a lot of fruit and veg should help but when it doesnt I usually take sennakot which is so much better than every other laxative I have tried.

Also i think things like linseed, broccoli, flaxeed oil, green tea, lemon water and honey helps too.

I have no idea what causes the constipation as my Gyny says this is not a symptom of Endo!!!

Also i think castor oil is supposed to be good in general for endo symptoms but I have not tried it yet as Im so broke at the mo and this diet is costing me a fortune!!!

let me know if you find anything else that helps because being less constipated does help with the endo pain.

:-) xxx


Poor you! It sounds awful.

The only time I've had constipation with the diet is when I was taking codeine. Is it possible that you are taking any pain medications that are making things worse?

Apart from that, I've normally found that all the veg and beans in the diet take care of everything else. I do sometimes snack on prunes and dried apricots, which also keep things moving and can be added into the diet without problems.

Hope you get well soon.


I know how you feel! I have awful trouble going to the toilet and sometimes I cry with pain as its so sore.

It could be the diet you're on as maybe you're not getting enough natural fibre to help you go. I used to do the endo diet but it didn't work for me. I also spoke with my consultant who said its not good to cut out major food groups and there's no evidence to support the endo diet definitely works. I think that if it works for you and helps relieve your pain then to do it.

I take a lot of painkillers which make me really constipated so I take movicol to help with this but it makes me fart a lot or constantly need to go to the toilet. I can find a happy amount to take. I used to take lactulose but it wasn't strong enough to make me go. Prune juice is good to help with constipation but I don't think it tastes nice.

Be careful taking over the counter laxatives if you're on medication as they can stop the absorption of codeine and morphine. Best to ask the pharmacist or GP if you're unsure. Lactulose is fine to take though.

Hope you find something to help xxx


I do too. Some of the things I use are psyllium husk, ground flaxseed, drinking lots of water (sipping, not all at once as that's bad for your kidneys) and cutting down on bread. Eating lots of berries or pure cherry juice helps a lot.


Oh. Constipation is nasty and very painful, I have had fecal impaction a few times when it just gets stuck and won't Come out, I've searched high and low for a constant solution, and finally found one that I'm sticking with.

I've tried many mAny if not all laxatives they did not do much budging either, and I found many contain lactose which I am severely intolerant to which only gives me more problems.

It's not just taking the fibre we need to have plenty of Walter to flush it out of us. I have gone for colonic many times to give me a good clean out. Full of wind and waste, causes so much problems and the good nutrients c,annoy be absorbed through a back load!!

Avoid starches, bread potatoes banana they make it worse.

I started using aloe Vera juice the real one, as close to the plant in a drink form we can find, I started selling it, it's been so good for me and my friends helping us go loo and also helping relieve period pains and pains related to constipation back pain and walking like I'm expecting, you can get it here healingwithaloe.myforever.b... it's in the shop in the drinks section, the berry nectar taste the best. Feel free to contact me for more info about aloe Vera.

The healing properties are amazing. It cleans out the whole digestive system, there are many good reasons I will write up a blog soon hopefully with loads more information on aloe Vera.

I take opiates pain killers that was the reason for my constant constipation, but now I am not needing any laxatives and I was on combination of 3/4 to make me go twice a week the doc said would be good enough, yuk! And pain was unbearable!!!!

Hope you guys get some relief soon, I suggest the aloe Vera, I have tried from the health shop it made no difference it was like water, the one I take now is like thick gel like the plant, and it works I even drink it unflavoured because I would do anything to rid me of pain. It's also a natural anti inflammatory which helps us with endo and calms down pains!

hopefully x


Hi all

Thanks for the replies.

Im not taking any pain medication at the moment and havent done since my op 3 months ago !! Whoop - I'm so lucky! Only on prostap - wondering if could be that.

The lactulose has helped a little bit not been so bad, I def think its like an impaction as after the op I had such hard dry movements :{

Imn going to stop bananas every day as I have them every morn on my porridge or museli and have other fruits instead, I eat berries but not every day so will try that one.

Hopefully - I used to take Aloe Vera juice very day for a good while a few years ago because it so good for you and did feel benefits but it was only the one from Holland & Barratt , Im definately going to start taking again and will have a look at your link.

Thank you all for your help



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