Does anyone else get low?

I just wanted to post to this forum because I feel like most of you can relate.

I don't know what it is but today I am not feeling great. I have period pains, my last period was 42 days ago so I am guessing the next one is coming up which is probably the reason I am feeling sad.

Do you ever just get low? Where you don't want to be around anyone or talk much to people and you just want to curl up into a ball? Sounds depressing! But this is how I am feeling today!! I guess I am maybe a little nervous about my operation on the 22nd too...

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  • Yes Hun you're not alone . I was supposed to go to work today but just couldn't stop crying have barely slept for nearly a week. Having op on Thursday. Hope yours goes ok.

  • Oh no, bless you :( I hope you feel better soon. Thank you - I hope your op goes smoothly, what are you having done?

  • Hysterectomy (due to adenomyosis) ovary removal and excision. How about you?

  • Oh no! Poor you, I hope it goes well and you have a speedy recovery. I am having another lap and laser if any has grown back (will be shocked if it hasn't) having the mirena fitted at the same time then having the first of my 3 lots of Zoladex injections. I really hope all of this helps my pain.

  • Had my last Zoladex in January. Did help but the hot flushes can be horrible. Evening primrose oil and sage leaf tablets together help though. Good luck Hun. If you need any more info regarding Zoladex let me know

  • Thank you - I am a little nervous about the injections!! What other side effects did you get?

  • The injections themselves aren't great but fortunately it's over befor you know it. For me I would get headaches for a couple of days with each one. I've suffered with depression most of my life and initially this was made much worse but things did improve. I also became severely constipated to the the point I couldn't eat or drink. GP put me on Laxido which has helped so much. I'm not sure whether this was due to the Zoladex or endo or something else. I'm starting to suspect there is something more going on with bowls. It just seemed too much of a coincidence. The other thing that I've found is I get really itchy legs that scratching doesn't relieve but that bruises instead.

  • Oh no! I will give them a go, hopefully they help me. Thank you :)

  • Forgot to say that they did also help a lot with pain so I don't regret having them. Everyone is different. Fingers crossed they help you.. Good luck Hun.

  • Most days I feel like this!

    I've had depression since I was 15.... 15 years later I'm still fighting the thing!

    The pain makes it worse for me, I start thinking the worst about everything.

  • The pain is draining and just knackers you doesn't it. Especially if it is every single day!

  • I'm luck if I don't fall asleep by lunch time. I have to fight to stay awake everyday then end up asleep in front the to in the evening!!

    The one time I am happy to say I don't work!!

  • I've been like this a lot lately, especially if you have constant pain leaving you feeling exhausted and stuck in the house days on end. I'm actually starting counselling next week and battling through daily walks to try and lift me a bit, waiting for my first zoladex injection to kick in too. It can be a vicious circle and sometimes feel so lonely, but this place is so nice cos everyone's in the same boat. Hope your op goes well xxx

  • I had a lap on the 25th of Jan and found out last week I have endometriosis I see my gynaecologist this week. But I know how u feel worried about the surgery then just feeling down because of pain, lack of sleep etc. Your not silly for being down I think we all get like this we all deal with a lot of poking and prodding along with everything else but I do feel less ache's since the surgery they took a cyst and tried to clear my tubes but wasn't very susseful but the aches and pains have eased a bit so fingers crossed for u and I hope all goes well with your surgery X

  • Thank you everyone so much xx

  • Sorry to hear you're feeling low hun, stick on a good film or read a book and relax with a hot water bottle to try to take your mind off of things.

    Have you tried Norethisterone to stop/delay your period? I found it worked pretty quickly and stopped my periods while I was taking it, which meant less pain. It might be worth a try now you're so close to your operation? You'll need to see your GP for the prescription or you can get it through Boots/Superdrug as part of their period delay clinic, it'll cost a lot more though (I think 10 days worth was around £30 last time I checked).


  • So sorry to hear you are low, but you are not alone. I recently found out my endo is back and I find it hard not to worry about it. Each day after work all I want to do is crawl in bed with a good book. At work I find it hard to concentrate and stay motivated.

    Hang in there and take care!

  • I know exactly how you feel! This morning I have come into work with pain, bloated and its raining. All I want to do is drive back home and get into bed!

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