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Anyone else find they catch every bug they hear about and seem to get it worse than everyone else?

I'm getting sick of being ill. Every time the kids get a bug I get it too and I seem to get it a lot worse. My son had a mild virus and sore throat last week. I've now had what feels like razor blades in my throat since Friday and it's just getting worse. I've been to the drs and she thinks it's strep throat which is apparently really painful. I can't even eat, it hurts to swallow even my own saliva! I've slept for 16 hours a day since Saturday and now my back is playing up again.

Is this a common thing for endo ladies to get viruses really badly? I'm either in pain or ill all the time now and am getting sick of it. I normally eat a very healthy diet as I love my veg and don't really like junk/takeaway food. Anyone got any tips for boosting my immune system?

Hope you're all having a good pain free day xx

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yes- i work in a primary school and i never escape any colds that are passing through and they seem to take longer to clear up than any of the kids who catch the bug too. So annoying. I've just got over one from Easter and yesterday a new bug started. Sniff Sniff.


Yes I got one thing after another after my lap in feb for right weeks I was poorly, I got into a state in the end, I have low immune system and also psoriasis badly, my gp advised me to take zinc and high dose of Vit D that I ordered from healthspan , think they were £10 for 240 tablets (d3 high dose ). Feel so much better and so far so good, works for me x


my psoriasis is also plaguing me on one arm. It's been quiet for a couple of years but recently a tiny patch appeared and it grew and grew. might try the zinc and a multi vit. I am so run down. Losing weight, getting fatter -damn that cyst.


I can definitely appreciate this. Before I knew about my severe endo I was catching everything going. I have read many things on the link with endo and the immune system.

Then I decided to go quite radical in my diet and kicked out the major toxins and stuff that can interfere with the immune system such as alcohol, caffeine, simple sugars etc and went very much into pure unprocessed foods, raw veggies, more protein, less carbs and that seems to be doing the trick.

Sounds pretty harsh doesn't it and there were times when I got fed up with it. But I've got to a good point now where I'm 'pure' 80% of the time (so on 'school nights' for example) and then I allow a bit of relaxing and not thinking about it if I go out. Seems to be working like that too.

Bet I get a cold tomorrow ;-)



Hi yes any passing virus. I got so I have a flu jab every year its free as I have asthma , felt very poorly today didn't make it in 4 work as being sick an so dizzy cudnt drive , went docs later he looked back thro my med history an wiv the swelling of legs an hands fluid in my lungs an chronic joint pain sending me for lupus test seems its common 4 us endo's to have lupus too. ......deeper joy !!!!! X


Hi, definitely. When I had colds they lasted longer than for anyone else and were worse too. My old boss thought I was skiving off until I went into work with a "cold" and she saw how bad I was. I can say this was definitely linked to endo as since being on prostap I have had hardly any colds/sore throats etc and when I have had one it has been "normal" and only lasted a few days xx


Yes I used to get quite a few, especially since I've had a little girl (now 3) and have been pretty sleep deprived. I've also read the link about endo and immunity, and have now been on the endo diet for 2 months as well as taking a ton of suppliments to boost my immune system / help with the pain. It seems to be helping, my pain is now manageable, I have more energy and the colds I've caught haven't lasted as long or been as severe.

Hope you're sore throat heals soon and if they ever give you antibiotics make sure you take acidophilus supplements to restore your gut-flora which is the core of your immunity apparently....




Yep, me too.

It's a running joke in our family that I go to bed with things that other people only sniff over. I laugh along, but it's not really funny

It is what it is though


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