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Hint Of Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Last night i went yet again to out of hours GP, but this time saw a caring and friendly GP who actually took time to ask what i felt was wrong, what was the result of me being in pain, what i could and couldn't do because of the pain, and properly fully examined me.

Turned out i had a slight fever (37.8) and a solid lower stomach (below belly button), she instantly jumped onto the phone after examining me and sent me to the Gynae docs. The consultant i saw there was an absolute diamond, he sat and talked to me about every possible angle and symptoms and what i felt the problem may be.... and FINALLY a Gynae doc agreed with Endometriosis (rather than the "chronic pelvic pain that i was diagnosed with).

He said that i need to change my contraception to the Mirena coil so that the bleeding should stop and that should hopefully ease the pain to a more controllable level... If that doesn't work then its off to the GP for a referrall to Gynae to get on the list for a laparoscopy. After he told me all this, he gave me a massive amount of painkillers (tramodol x 2 500mg tablets, 2 paracetamol, and one diclofenac, as well as something to slow bleeding down) which helped take a major amount of the pain away, he arranged for a scan to be done tomorrow (monday) and he also offered to keep me in overnight if i felt i needed to, if i still couldn't cope with the pain after all the meds had kicked in.

So i shall let you all know how the scan goes, but it looks like something is finally being done after all these years and a doctor finally has listened to me and helped me!

Thanks everyone on here for all your advice over the last couple blogs and support.



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I am so glad to hear that you're being taken seriously and getting proper treatment. I really hope that this works well for you. Good luck!


I'm glad this is being sorted out for you , its sounded so worrying xx


Its great news these doctors have taken on board your symptoms finally. I had the mirena but it sadly wasn't for me and I had it removed after 12 weeks, then had a laparoscopy with diathermy as it was confirmed I have grade 3 endometriosis. I so hope the coil works for you. On another note don't be shocked if nothing shows on your scan. Endo frequently can't be seen, it doesn't mean you dont have it.


Great news Omorose! How refreshing to read a positive outcome to your visit to both OOH and then hospital. Sounds like you found a real gem of a doctor on duty who has discussed a thorough treatment plan with you. Hope all goes well for you and let us know how things progress.

Take care


So glad to hear that you not only sorted out the immediate problem, but have a plan in place.

Let us know what happens at the scan - when I was diagnosed, the GP thought the lump in my stomach was a 4-5 month pregnancy but it turned out to be a cyst the size of a large grapefrut! but as has been said, don't be discouraged if they don't see anything, it doesn't mean there's nothing there

The journey starts here - good luck :)

C xxx


Aww just read this after posting in your previous blog, glad you got sorted out and know whats happening now, hope your scan goes ok :-)


that good to hear and hope the scan goes well and let us know what the outcome... :)


Am really pleased for you, yes a glimmer of light. I also agree dont be disappointed if nothing shows on the scan, mine only showed because they couldn't see my overies which told them they were stuck to my pelvis, a sure sign of endo. Good luck x


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