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So far so good at the endo centre

After useless treatment at my local hospitals I was referred to my nearest Endo Centre and am feeling so much more confident in my treatment. The wait for the first appointment was about 6 weeks, I was seen August 4th. When I went to see the Consultant the reception staff and nurses were friendly and helpful and there was radio on in the waiting room to cut the tedium. I saw the Consultant at the time of my appointment. He was friendly, nice and listened. Importantly he explained things in terms by husband understood as well (saves me re-explaining later!). He said he is unsure as to the cause of my left sided pain and that it could be endo or adhesions but he would do a lap and I had a choice of:

1. lap for a look and then we set an action plan.

2. lap and deal with any simple stuff and then set an action plan if needed.

3. lap and do everything in one go.

His preference was for 2, he said it could minimise number of surgeries and said 3 was a challenge as every eventually needs to be planned for before we start. I agreed and he set my date for Nov 16th. He then referred me for an ultrasound, asked to see me before the op with a 1 mont pain/food/stress diary and said he would write to the gynae who did a lap and removed adhesions 2yrs ago to see what he did. Most importantly he said he could not promise all my pain will go but that he would be able to bring it down to a lot less so I could get my life back and he seemed really confident he knew what to do.

When I left they tried to book me an appointment for before Nov 16th but couldn't and asked me to leave it with them. When I had no response by last week I called and was told my appointment was Dec 1st, as this wouldn't work they asked me to call the Consultant's secretary. I spoke to a really friendly and helpful lady who listened and said OK I'll sort it you will have to be chiselled in as the clinics for endo only run once a month. Two days later I have my appointment through for Sept 15th. Now I won't have a month long diary more like 3 weeks but I hope that will help. I also am not going to get the scan results from my GP but wait for the 15th.

I had the ultrasound on August 20th - 16 days wait; I was waiting 6 weeks for an urgent at my local hospital! I turned up early as it is quite a jaunt for me and they took me in early so I was out and on m y way home before I was due to be seen which helped me miss rush hour traffic!

Credit to Lindle for letting me know how to get a second opinion. Fingers crossed everything else from here runs smoothly.

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I'm so glad you had such a good experience and hope it all goes well. Let us know. x


Hi, i have just been reading your post and i am just in the process in being referred to a specialist endo centre, did i see that you are attending Birmingham? As this is where i was being referred to. Glad to hear that alls going well.


Yes, at the Women's. The Endo clinic runs once a month. The Dr I have seen has been really nice. My husband has been with me and he always ensures we are both involved in the consult and that we both understand things. All the staff seem really nice and all my appointments have been pretty much on time. My husband reckons that even with the journey there it is still quicker than going to the local hospital and sitting through their tardiness!


that sounds really positive, i emailed them last night on how best to be referred. good luck.


I printed out the BSGE list and took it to my GP and asked to go there. They did all the paperwork.


great thanks, back at gp tuesday i will take it then


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