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Coping with terrible leg and pelvic pain taking over my life?

Hi I have endo for bout 3 years and it's taking over my life I have terrible leg and pelvic pain all the time I having been trying for a baby but no luck so on my second cycle of IUI is anyone else going through this and how do you cope ?

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Hi have you tried prostap before ivf? I don't know much about it as I have given up on having another baby after a horrible miscarriage! But I knew a lady who had a lap then followed by prostap then went on ivf and conceived within a year now she has a beautiful baby boy x


Hi thanks for reply what is prostap? I've got to wait a year for IVF but I'm having IUI which is a bit different they wash the sperm and give you a helping hand with fertility treatment, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage hope you ok I just hope something happens soon for me


HI if you google ivf and prostap there are a lot of stories about the whole process they are on baby and bump, ivf world and i have found info on baby centre :)


Hi, I'm sorry to hear what you're going through.

I've been trying for a baby for 5 and a half years and I'm just about to start IVF. I've just had a lap to unstick my ovary from my womb and take out the chocolate cysts I had. My consultant advised us that without the lap it would be very hit and miss as to whether I'd produce good (if any) eggs. I have to be down regultated to stop the endo growing back so I'm going on the long protocol. It's really hard to deal with and stay positive. I've chosen names already so that I can visualise my eggs as actual babies and it kind of helps me to stay positive!

If you haven't had a lap I would definitely ask your consultant as exsisting endo can have a detrimental affect on fertility treatment.

Fertility Friends is also a good site with heaps of information and a good support network.

Good luck. xx


Hi thanks boop yes had one lap last aug and waiting for my 2 nd one now im also on my 2nd cycle of IUI this month i just wish it would hapoen think its going be a long process but hopfulyy i get there, i hope u to do how many IVF do u get on nhs? Take care all the best x


Hi Thorbs04, I don't qualify for any IVF on the NHS as I'm considered too old. If I was 39 or under I would be able to have 1 free cycle.

Good luck with your 2nd IUI, fingers crossed for you that this one will work. x


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