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Advice Pelvic Organ prolapse, endometriosis and fibromyalgia?

Can anyone give advice Pelvic Organ prolapse, endometriosis and fibromyalgia?

I have had many laparoscopy surgeries; I have also been on the depo injection for 13 years.

I tried for 4 year to fall pregnant. I moved to the UK and saw a great gynaecologist put me on clomed, blood test and husband had to give a sample. He had 9 swimming that was 3 more than in South Africa. We were all set to check my uterus and tubes. (Previously I had been told me tubes were blocked), then we were set for IVF.

I fell pregnant. That was 5 years ago.3 years ago i had advised that i wanted to have another baby. Came off Depo and my period only stated this year until end Jan this year.

My doctor spoke to a gynaecologist and got advice to put me on Clomed. She was very concerned about the pain I was having. She split her knee cap and I did not see her until May.

I have had such back pain and bloating that some days i get to work and just can't function, come home and straight to bed.

I cannot get any higher pain killers as I am already on tramadol. The amitriptyline cancels most of the tramadol out. Co-codeine sometimes helps.

I had phoned up the NHS help line in April very concerned. I had got out the shower and felt burning in side my vagina. When I sat on the toilet and felt in side, I was touching what felt like a penis coming towards my opening.

I spoke to the NHS direct, they told me to take a paracetamol and they would call me back. I phoned up again two hours later; I explained that I am already on tramadol. They assured me that someone would phone.

Monday morning I phoned my GP and asked to see the duty doctor. The doctor examined me and asked how many children I have given birth to naturally; I said one by C section. She said that he uterus was very low. She also said that there were very thin walls in places and other places had additional tissue. She said that if it popped out to lie on my back with my feet in the air and push it back, if I did not feel right about that, then I was to call the surgery and they would push it pack.

I explained that I always had pain when having sex and the swelling afterwards was very painful. She said because I was on clomed that I should use a turkey baster if I could not have sex.

She also said that there is a test they can do to see how far my uterus comes out. I lies on my side they grab hold of my uterus and see how far out they can pull it.

I was horrified.

My husband went with to see this GP who agreed to refer me to a gynaecologist.

So now I wait.

I have tried to explain to the doctors the pain i am in, almost every day, never mind how much I have during sex. I have a uterus that is full of bubbles (scar tissue), I wet myself some times and other times I have to push the urine out. (I do not want to list all my issues here so this is the short version)I have sat and cried in the GP's office. My Fibromyalgia is just another world of pain.

My other GP is now back and says that she attended a conference that said that most woman have a low uterus. I asked is this when they have had a vaginal birth. She says yes. Only one problem I had a C- section

The pain clinic wants me to focus on doing less and taking less meds…..

I am also told to be positive…

I work 5 to 6 days a week in a very stressful job, 40 to 50 hours a week and still function at home. I asked then I am positive to be able to be a mom, wife and manager but sometimes positive is not enough.

I am not quite sure what to do any more...

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Hi Heather, I'm so sorry to hear what you'vce been through. I suffer from endometriosis and have been battling with it for the last 10 years so I can relate to part of what you're going through. I find sex is almost unbearable most of the time and am generally in pain for 2-3 1/2weeks of every month. I'm allergic to codeine which doesn't help with painkillers and have recently been on tramadol but the side effects were too bad for me to be able to continue taking them. I find it difficult to get through to the consultants about how bad my pain is and how much it can interfere with my daily life. I'm currently a stay at home mum and have 2 little boys aged nearly 2 and nearly 3. My husband is in the Forces and away most of the time so it's usually a struggle.I don't always find it possible to remain positive. Best wishes x


I am so sorry to hear what you have been through... i do really hope they will sort you out soon enough... it is really tiring to figure out what to do next as i am stuck with mine... i am on Norgeston mini pill and it driving me nuts but helped me in a way... no side affects at all and no moody but tad depressed as i am on my lonesome and no one there to keep me company and scared to go off with a bloke... so im like you not sure what to do anymore as im giving up.... best wishes on what is happening to you... x


Good evening ladies

Tinker 241are there any support groups?

We should not be in a position to just give up, why should be fighting not to be in pain and we are not listened to?

Ginger 83 have you ever been to St Michaels hospital?

I saw a doctor called DR Vias, he works for bupa and helps out out South Mead NHS hospital. This was in 2006, he was really very good. He wanted to stop the pain and try to help in any way. if I could choose I would choose to see him. I have tried to get a new referal to South Mead again but I have been told to keep my current appointment.

It is unbelievable that in this day and age that we have to suffer this way.

it has been mentioned that I must face the options to have every thing removed and my husband has stated that he does not want to try any more for another child and he can not take me being in pain.

I think the worst is that most doctors treating this have never experienced endometriosis. How can you treat some thing that you have studied on paper but will not fully sympathise with.

I was on the implant for one month but the bleeding just goes on and on. I was put on the pill one every day and then two every day but the pain and bleeding continued. Eventually the GP listned and removed the implant and I went back on the injection.

Previously I was put on a drip in South Africa to stop the bleeding as the doctrs could not control the amount.

How do we make them listen?

always here to talk and listen


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