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Initial Gynaecologist app following ultrasound - anyway to speed up?

I have had an ultrasound, which has come back negative. Of course the specialist informed me that he would be unable to see my fallopian tubes and check for endo. My GP has reffered me to a gynaecologist. The waiting list is 8-12 weeks, just to have a discussion about a laparoscopy. I could be looking at months before getting a lap. I have also just found out that my mother had adhesions on her fallopian tubes, and once they were removed by lap, she was able to conceive me! I have even more incentive to check this out. Anyway I can speed up the waiting time? I heard you can pay?

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You could see the consultant that your GP has referred you to, as a private patient. Then you can ask for your lap to be carried out on the NHS.

I would suggest you phone his secretary and ask for the contact details of where the consultant carries out private consultations.

Best wishes,

Barbara x


I'm in the same boat as you. Got my u/s this Wednesday to rule out cysts and then need to get my gp to referr me back to gynaecology (I had an emergency gyny appointment back in April). I knew there'd be a long wait but I didn't realise it'd be quite as long as you're saying. That's disappointing to hear :(


I'm in exactly the same situation. After realising it would be right weeks til I saw my specialist I called the private number and got an appt for a weeks time. I already feel more positive and on top of the pain as the date is set and it's not too far away. I am using my savings. Can't thing what else I'd rather buy for myself right now.


Eight weeks, not right!


Hi, I've had 2 laproscopic surgeries (NHS) in the last 7 months - For the first I got in 5 weeks early and for the second I was six weeks early. Basically, as soon as I was told I was to have surgery I packed my bag and organised things with home /work so I could go in at short notice. Then I contacted my consultants secretary and the admin person in charge of hospital waiting lists and told them that I was in pain (which I was) and that I was able to come in at short notice if there was a cancellation; both times I had 2-4 days notice, within which I also had my pre-op appointment. Worth a try maybe, I was due to have a hysterectomy tomorrow, instead I had it 6 weeks ago and have been away for the bank holiday weekend, walked further than I have in over a year and feel ready to return to work part-time on Thursday!! Hope things work out as positively for you too xxx

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Hi, i just waited 7weeks to see gynie, in on morphine for pain, off work, it been awful. Looked in to private i was told by private clinic that you have to get you doctor to ok it. I saw nhs gynie last Tue, today i got my pre op for bloods ect and my op 2weeks today. It taken so long to see consultant but op lists ate really short. It just loverly thought that in 2weeks that only pain i have is lap op pain. Good luck :)


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