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Endo and bloating

Ive had endo for around 3 years with bouts of pain and then pain free months, however over the past couple of months my pains returned and i am incredibly bloated so much so ive been asked when im due hence knocking my confidence, have any one got any tips on loosing the bloat as im getting married in August x

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i find i feel bloated quite a lot, i have found just good old water helps, for the last 2 wks i have made a conscious effort to drink 1.5 - 2 ltrs per day, and it has definetly helped reduce the bloating, i also have been drinking green tea in the mornings - no idea if that helps but both are supposed to help with weight loss which is why i started it but it has helped the bloating xx

(i can only drink bottled water, cant do straight from the tap)


I recently noticed water helps me too...and the seltzer water (which I love) is not helping matters...I belch horribly and it seems to add to the pain. Water & ibuprofen are my friends.


hi, i only get the bloating when my bowels aren't working properly as i have adhesions/endo only colon, and if i don;t go to the loo properly for a few days i begin to bloat and eventually look about six months preg. it would def be worth keeping a diary of your bowel habits for a week , for years i thought it was something i was eating ibs etc but now know what it is and is much easier to deal with i take a stool softener and lax, horrible subject i know but god it has made such a difference, no more bloating!! hope this helps, you will prob be like me at this stage and try anything lol.


I used to get awful bloating, so much so I looked as pregnant as I am now at 21 weeks! I felt awful about it. I changed my diet to lacto free milk and ate less wheat and ate a small meal in the evening and did not eat after 7pm, if was really hungry ate small bowl of cereal. This helped the uncomfortable feeling, was still bloated but not so much like I felt was gonna burst! x


Those are very similar changes I've made as well. Not eating in the evening really helps, but I have to stay away from the cereal so I grab some nuts or a small bowl of ice cream.


Hey Mrs D2B,

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

I'm not an expert, but I've found a few things in my diet can make me look like a beached whale! I also had a look online and found some websites that explain why these are bad foods to eat with endo:

Red meat

Pasta (makes me struggle to close my "fat day" jeans)

Wheat (try to opt for wholemeal and have open sandwiches)


Try having a look at the website below, it explains all the sciencey stuff.


Hope this helps.

Good luck xxx


I agree with diet making a difference to bloating. I have pretty much cut out wheat, I don't eat meat anyway, drink herbal tea as opposed to tea and coffee, avoid convenience food and cut down on sugar. It's difficult to tell if it's solely dietary changes that make the difference as I started it when I was having treatment (zoladex followed by a lap) but I do notice a difference when I 'slip off the wagon'. For example, a while ago my boss was leaving so we were having cream cakes at work and went to a very wheat based restaurant (!) and my stomach was bloated for nearly 2 weeks after that!

I would recommend keeping a food journal as to what you eat during the day, level of activity and any symptoms you've had to learn what effects you and how.

I do find gentle activity such as walking helps with some of the symptoms too.

Good luck and all the best for your upcoming wedding x


I get really bad bloating and look about 6mths pregnant a lot of the tiime. I think I may have a gluten intolerance so am going to the Drs on M onday to see if they will test me. I don't think it's just my endo causing the bloating.


Hey ladies thanks so much for the replys, i am willing to do anything apart from drink green tea :) i tried it but i hate hot drinks and would leave it until its cold which made me feel sick :) I run 3miles a day and the bloating still doesnt change i also have endo on my colon which was removed in 2009 i now have been told i have leaky kidneys which could be causing the problems, Anyone else with Endo on their kidneys? x


I do get bloated as well, it depends on what I eat or drink. I have to stay away from anything "bread", cereal, sandwhich, toast, muffins, rice etc. I love beer but I bloat immediately...the list goes on. The pain lately has been enormous, sometimes tears. I know its wrapped around my organs, bladder...so it hurts to use my stomach muscles, pee...I almost can't wait for my hysterectomy in January.


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