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Is this endo related??

Hi im new to this but have had endo a while, do any of u suffer achy legs?? Is it endo related?? Ive been getting them on/off for bout 1 1/2 but since early this yr theyve become more and more painfull and have been aching every second of the day and night for a few months now (deep ache), ive just gad some blood tests but im just wondering if any of u have this?? Thanx in advance xx

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I suffer from achy leg, but it comes with the lower right pelvic pain I have from the endo.

And sometimes it feels that the pain "grabs" my hip as well.

If your legs hurt while you have endo pains then I think it is related.

Jo xx


I suffer horrifically with pain in my legs. The consultant seemed to believe it is 'referred pain'. I would say yes to it being related, but can't hurt to mention it to your dr xx


Thanx for ur replys :) its constant ache tho and it never goes! They ache more wen my legs get a bit cold and hot water bottles r the only thing that helps the pain, i guess it could be endo sitting on my nerves or something tho?? X


Sometimes it can be sensitivity in the bones due to temperature change, but it is better to check it out.

It happens to me sometimes when the weather changes all of a sudden (from warm to very cold). x


I get achy calf muscles and also swollen ankles. Drives me insane !!!!!


i have achy legs to from my knees down every so often , what i feel it kinda feels like cramp but its not i had blood tests and they came back fine although the receptionist got confused and told me i had low iron but it was confirmed by the doctor my iron is fine just could be a little better but recently i have started to get bruises on my legs for no reason so im not sure what this could be. I find that theres nothing really you can do to take the pain away from your legs but if you got any ideas please share as its very painful, i do find that keeping my leg warm helps the pain a little im not sure if it comes from the cold or not but i also get it when its warm so i guess not.



I had a miscarriage in february ( I was having lower right sided abdo pain at the time, because I was very early they were worried about ectopic- couldn't confirm on ultrasound but was manged expectantly anyway- no methotrexate or surgery.)The scan then showed 3 x 5cm cysts on ovaries! During this episode I started getting pain in my left buttock and down my leg- more of a pins and needles and numbness than pain I suppose. They put it down to ? Cyst pressing on the area. I'm a nurse an didn't feel how I would describe sciatica. 2nd scan cysts were gone- however pain continued!

I then had laparoscopy in June which showed mild endo, adhesions from ovary to uterus, tubes were sticky but flushed with pressure (stage 1 disease) and removal of fimbril cyst for right tube. Lasered endo away!

Anyway- woke up in recovery and still have the pain in leg!!!

It's not bad enough to take pain killers, Definately worse when sitting!

Driving me crazy! Going to ask for MRI- read that can effect sciatic nerve and web the gluteal muscle which is a bit of a worry!

Ps went privately to fertility clinic last month who did another vaginal scan left ovary had 20+ follicles on left ovary and right was fine. Thinking ? Left polysostic??? Been having Accupuncture last few months - maby that's triggered something. Who knows???? I was covered in spots around ovulation last. Month and not this- who knows??? :( x


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