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hi i have had bad lower back pain for about three months and i look six months pregnant my stomach is so big none of my clothes fit ive gone from a size12 up to a 16 - 18 within 8 weeks , when i eat i have awful wind i am very active always on the go , i dont eat a get deal as my appetite isnt to good right now i know i need to go to the doctors because i dont feel myself and its getting me down i am only 37 but feel so much older especially with the back pain and stomach pain can anyone give me some advice please

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I'm so sorry 2 ear this your not alone. I Got this


Hi Paula, I am the same age as you and I have recently been to the docs with similar symptoms + severe tiredness. I first went beginning of the year and after MRI & UC was told I have endo, small fibroid & ovarian cysts, I have now been fast tracked as symptoms have got worse, my doctor has panicked me by mentioning the "c" word. My advice to you as I wait for my app feeling terribly worried about it all is to trust your own instincts when it comes to your body and go the doctors and be honest about how you feel. If you feel fobbed off go see another one. The 2 times I have been taken seriously is when I say to the doc I know there is something not right with my body. So be assertive and ask for help, I'm sure after some good advice people have given me on here I will be ok and I hope you are too, let me know how you get on :)


And also don't let them put it down to IBS like they did with me. Ask for a CA125 blood test. :)



I too went from a size 12 to almost 16 (I couldn't bring myself to buy size 16 so stayed in leggings and tunic tops for 2 years). I got so fed up I went for intolerance testing as I knew deep down something I was eating was not agreeing with me. I found I was intolerant to wheat/soya/barley and so many other things. I cut these from my diet and within a month or 2 my bloating had all but gone (apart from ovulation and period time). I lost 6 pounds and started exercise again. I feel so much better, my pain and bloating has reduced dramatically.

Maybe worth keeping a food diary.

I'm 37 too it's bloody awful isn't it!! I feel like I'm missing what should be the best years of my life with all of these symptoms.

Hope you find something to help.



I can literally go from one size to another just because of bloating it's awful isn't it :( keep fighting the doctors, it took me 5 years and a gallbladder removal to find a gp that was willing to listen! Now within a month ive had a laparoscopy & starting to receive the right treatment!! Good luck xxx


As soon as I read this I thought wheat allergy. I'm slim but my stomach was constantly bloated and looked pregnant. I cut out wheat and within a month it was gone. You should definitely be investigated though to make sure it's not anything more serious. Ovarian cysts can create that kind of swelling along with a multitude of other things. Push your dr to refer you to a specialist for investigation and it's also work asking for a test to see if it's a wheat allergy. Good luck!


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