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Pregnancy tips, herbal remedies, timing, pain relief tips pleasseeeee

Hey, Im on the waiting list for my 2nd lap + endo ablasion ( approx 6-weeks away) and have asked my gnea's advice about having a baby as I despereatley want lots of children in the future, and the near future seems the right time for me to start trying :)

I have been with my bf for 3 + half years and he has been through it all with me and understands the importance to me, so we have decided (with the support of all our family and my gnea) to start trying soon.

So my gnea wants me to come off my pill (loestrin 30) after the op, Ive been hoping and dreaming of this moment for so long and now its finally here im so excited. I know it can take years to concieve but I am so happy that we will be trying and will have no regrets :)

Basically im asking for any advice about falling, nutrients/suplements, tips ect please :)

Sorry for the essay, got a bit carried away lol! tc xx

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Not sure I can give you lots of advice about falling as have never been pregnant myself, but am on the trying to conceive journey which is a rollercoaster! I've been using fertility friend to try and track my cycle and work out fertilr times etc, and it also has lots of tutorials about fertiltiy. I've also found forums with people in similar situation useful as there are lots of useful advice and people understand what you're going through. There's been a couple mentioned on here in a previous question recently.

I wish you every success in your treatment and your trying to conceive journey :-)


I'm on the same journey as you. I actually got a lap 2 days ago!!!

I also want lots of babies!! I'm trying a holistic approach as I know we endo girls are special and need lots of help. I'm on fertility acupuncture, also bought the clear blue fertility monitor to make sure I'm having sex when I'm ovulating. Also went to a nutritionist specialized in fertility and she prescribed a special diet and supplements.

I have just started but very positive I'm going to get pregnant soon :)

My advice is make sure you are eating healthy, take your supplements (folic acid - very important), drink plenty of water to get rid of nasty toxins and do gentle exercise. This will keep you positive and relaxed.

I'm so happy to hear you have an understanding bf, that is so important as we are different and need lots of support. My hubby is the best, takes care of me like nobody else :) I'm sure we are going to have babies very soon!!


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