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Diet and herbal remedies

Hi all I have had endo for 4 years and am currently looking into things that can help as my symptoms have been getting worse. Does anyone know if there are any particular food to avoid to help with endo? Or any remedies suggested from somewhere like Holland and Barrett? Any suggestions much appreciated x

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I buy an oil called labour oil from Amazon. It contains lavender, clary sage, evening primrose and rose. I find rubbing this oil on my pelvic area and stomach helps with the cramps as it is good for reducing inflammation and aiding relaxation

I have heard adding turmeric to your diet is good but haven't tried it.


Oh thanks for the suggestion- will look into it


Hi. I would avoid Holland and Barrett if you want better quality supplements cheaper try healthymonthly.Co.uk. I find feverfew helps take it few days before and during my period.you can try the endo diet which is on here somewhere or Google it, peppermint is good for bloating but can interfere with any homeopathic remedies. Ginger is good for nausea. Omega 3 with vit d is also said to help, not omega 6. It depends on your symptoms. Someone bought me ruramin extra strength from healthymonthly.Co.uk which is guaranteed to stop pain haven't tried it yet. A tens machine may help, you can get tem on amazon for about 16, if you do you may need the smaller pads depends where you need to place them. Sepia which is home pathic can help with hormones imbalance . Hope so of thus helps xx


Hi. I've used the following as resources to help me attempt to heal myself/improve my symptoms as i'm not into taking artificial hormones like the pill....

•Recipes for the endometriosis diet by Carolyn Levett (now using less so as so restrictive)

•Lara Briden's website and ebook (this a superb site and the ebook talks about supplements and, well, everything to help better understand endo and its sometimes related problems)

•Patrick Holfords understanding hormones or hormonal health book. Something like that.

•book called 500 of the most important health tips you'll ever need by Hazel Courteney (good resource for what to eat and what supplements/alternative therapies to try)

It's defo worth you reading up on as your symptoms will affect what you should and shouldn't take

Hope that helps


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I've been taking turmeric for a couple of months now and my endo symptoms have been much easier to manage this month than they have for a long time.


I also take magnesium which is a natural muscle relaxant, evening primrose oil for the first two weeks of my cycle as I'm trying to conceive.

Check with your GP before you start taking any supplements. I was told not to take the magnesium in the run up to my diagnostic lap as it can interfere with anaesthetic. Xx


Thanks for all your suggestions I am going to look into all of them . It's so nice to feel the support of others who have ideas etc x


Hi, I have found that by changing my diet my symptoms improved dramatically, but over a few months so try to stick at it for a while before you give up! I follow a low-histamine and low fodmap diet due to my intolerances, however, I would highly suggest just increasing the amount of anti-inflammatory foods. I also take vit D supplements which helps (if you are deficient) and mix a 1/2 a teaspoon of fresh turmeric powder in a shot glass with water as this is great for inflammation!

The Low Histamine Chef is a blog by Yasmina Yekelenstam which provides a lot of useful information and some good recipe books!

Hope this helps x


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