so its been nearly 10 months and on the 6th Jan 2017 IM FINALY HAVING MY PRE OP!!!!!! 😊. It feels like I have been waitting years and years for this day to come to finaly find out when the cysts will be removed so I can start my life again as since I was dignosed I was signed off work. So 6th Jan 2017 is a huge deal and im hopeing it will be all good news and I hope they tell me that they can keep my overies so that I can have kids in the future and if its all good it will be the best 25th birthday prezzie as it means i can fly to Spain to celebrate in June. Totaly feeling hopeful

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  • All the best, hope it all goes well for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed :)

  • Will keep my fingers crossed, on the 6th, that all goes well and you the best results possible.

  • Good luck Rachroo! It's totally fine! I had the pre op, laparoscopy, and full peritoneal excision and was running about totally fine two weeks later. I'm in flying form and planning having a family now too. Go for it girl! All will be great xxx

  • Good luck, I hope 2017 is a turning point for you x

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