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Endo and immune system

Hi. I have just had 6 months of prostap injections and did not have a single cough, cold or bug for the whole of the winter. The injections are now wearing off and I have picked up the first bug I came into contact with! i have also noticed that bugs last a few days for others but mine seem to go on for over a week and be much, much worse.has anyone else noticed problems with having a low immune system? thanks.

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Hiya, yes exactly the same as what your saying. When I have been on the injections I have felt generally well and when I've come off them I seem to pick up all kinds of stuff that no one else seems to pick up and colds that never seem to go away! I've since been taking a mineral and vitamin supplement that helps boost the immune system and that seems to be helping me alot. Take care x


I have done a lot if reading into Endometriosis, and many believe that it is an auto-immune disease, including myself. A really good book to read is 'living with an Auto-immune disease; what your doctor doesnt tell you' by Mary J Shomon. There is another version called 'Living with Endometriosis; what your doctor doesnt tell you', by Kerry Ann Morris and when you read the two along side one another it becomes more and more apparent that Endo is an auto-immune disease. The symptoms are the same. Chronic Fatigue, our intolerance to Dairy and Wheat, imbalanced hormones, depression.... the list goes on.

Generally, I was always the one that picked up colds/flu's/bugs immediately, and whilst others shook them off in a few days, my symptoms persisted for weeks. And it was because I had a weakend immune system. I always had? I first got really ill with my endo after I had coil put in in 2010. I always blamed getting Endo on having that coil put in, but since researching further I have linked it to a bought of food poisening I had a week before I had the coil put in. My immune system was low because of the food poisening and it simply couldnt cope with that AND having an infection from a copper coil. It was all too much! My body went into meltdown and my endo flared up to a point of no return. Have you noticed that now you have a cold, your endo is worse too?

If you can make building up your immune system your focus; you will reap the benfits in terms of your Endo. Sounds a bit far out, but I have been working with this philosophy the last few months and my health has improved loads. (I have chronic pain and am unable to work, so it doesnt get much worse). I had 2 day's about a month ago, where (just out of pure laziness) I didnt take my daily vitamins, herbs; I didnt eat particularly well; I didnt excercise as I usually try to and what happened? I got a cold. And what then happened? My endo flared up horrifically. I definitely believe there is a link and it is really interesting the more you read into it. Give it a try!

Take Care x


sorry to hear about your problem with this Fletch and also i am on vitamins and it really helps and also i had my interolence test and it fabulous and i know what wrong with me and i am being careful what i eat!! so try and find out what food you cannot eat and it does really help if you go the chinese shop who does that and they take a strands of your hair and they sent away for it and then get the test back within 10 days and bang you know why!! x


This is interesting as I have just put a post on about my prostap not seeming to be working this month, however I have picked up a cold which has led to a chest infection which I am on antibiotics for. Maybe the reason my endo is flaring up is linked with my low immunity at the moment. I might invest in some good vitamins x


Interesting. Thanks for the book recommendations - I will be logging onto Amazon after this :) I always had mild (severe at times) endo symptoms as a teenager and all through but a lengthy bout of emotional turmoil did seem to be the trigger for me that pushed it over the top and it all went sky high after that. I did think that it had set it off. Definitely give will give these books a read. Thanks


Follow this blog girls. It's taught me more than any doctor has, and can be a real inspiration. Everything she says makes sense.



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