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Crappy immune system

Hey ladies,

Hope everyone's having a pain free day!!

Has anyone noticed that their immune system hits pretty much rock bottom when your on your period?

I have had my first period since November (My periods are annoyingly irregular, and only seem to have come back after starting the pill again) and I'm also massively under the weather with a cold (i have had many before but haven't felt this poorly for a while), aswell as having mouth ulcers.

I'm just wondering if theres a known relation to having a lower immune system with Endo or something?


Emma Xx

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Hi Emma - endometriosis is an autoimmune disease of the immune system. Click on my username and read my post on endo and its many symptoms to make more sense of yours x


I've found that since my first endo symptoms began about 18 months ago I've picked up every bug, cough and cold going.

I work as a primary school teacher so I am fair game for germs I suppose, but I can often be found complaining that the only thing I don't catch is nits!


I really do feel like I am always properly poorly around my period, it's horrible!!

I'm a childminder, and so am used to the germs, but it's definitely never usually this bad!!



Hi there. From my knowledge endo can also be linked with other autoimmune diseases. For example I have both endo and lupus. I would keep a diary of your symptoms to see if there are any patterns. I get a lot of nose and mouth ulcers (amongst other things) with the lupus and it's always worse around my period. Double whammy!



Oh ouch that doesn't sound good :( Will deffo keep a diary though, sounds like a good idea! Thank you :) Xx



I'm currently waiting on a blood test to see if I have a under active thyroid as well as endo.

I'm a firm believer in them being linked.

I had to take the first day off work in a year yesterday as I felt awful. But because I don't look 'ill' I feel like I'm being questioned! People just don't understand!

Hope u feel better soon.



Hey :)

It really is horrible having everyone just think your not really poorly, just because you don't look it!

Thank you though! I hope your blood test gives you some answers!!

Emma Xx


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