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Gastrointestinal symptoms and endo

Hi All I have Stage 4 endo which is on the bowel so have always had IBS like symptoms. I had a laporotomy in Aug 2015 to excise but within 3 months it had all grown back.

Then in Jan 2016 I had a really bad bout of what I thought was gastroenteritis or a tummy bug. I now seem to get this every 4-6 months. I get nausea, vomiting and very bad diarrhoea. It normally only lasts 24-48 hours but obviously leaves me feeling knackered for about a week afterwards.

I'd previously just put this down to the fact that since the endo is on the bowel I am just more susceptible to stuff like this but 3 times in one year seems a bit excessive!

Just wondered if anyone else has this problem and if it's just something we have to deal with, or could be a sign that something else is going on? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Tearsinrain84,

I totally understand wat ur saying! I get that all the time!

Few weeks ago I nearly collapsed cause it was so bad! I was severely dehydrated from vomiting n diarrhoea.

I have mentioned this to my gynae many times n all they do is refer me to gastroenterology n give me lifestyle advice! 😡

Gastroenterology keep referring me back to gynae as they believe its to do with my endo!

In other words I just get sent back n forth!

Currently I've been diagnosed with IBS n taking Buscopan for relief. (not that it brings me great relief)

Im due for my 3rd lap in two weeks n hope that will give me some relief for a bit.

I would recommend u speak with ur gynae n see if u can get an referral to gastroenterology just to be sure n to rule out other things for ur own peace of mind.

I hope u find some answers n good luck.

Keep us posted!

Take care... Xxx


Thanks so much, it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one that has to deal with this. I'm going to go and see my consultant next week so will let you know what happens x


I'm just wondering if its my endo that's on my bowel.like u I have Grade 4...over last few months I have been waking up with really bad tummy pains an needing to go the loo..badly.....every time afterwards been feeling rough and some times fainted an short of breath an sweating...went GP they said IBS........no happen a lot but only last for about 24 hours


Sounds very similar and I don't think IBS is the answer. I'm going back to see my consultant about it next month so will let you know the outcome x


yes please keep me posted.....I go back next month too to Gyne to see about my last scan & I will defo be mentioning my bowels........


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