Egg intolerance and endo?


In the last 6-12 months or so I have noticed that I always feel nauseas after eating eggs. So much to the point of dry wretching. I don't really eat eggs anymore but sometimes I'll try one on toast just to make sure. 

I'm wondering if this could be linked to endo? Maybe due to oestrogen? it has only come about since I discovered my lady problems. Does anyone else have this egg problem? Or any other food intolerances? 

Thanks :) 


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  • Omg I do!!! Mine developed about the time I started having problems with an ovarian cyst. I didn't realise it til a lot later. Even though cyst has now been removed I still can't eat eggs. Weird. Glad I'm not the only weird one

  • OMG yes! I had an ovary cyst too.. And the egg problem probably started after then! So weird. Glad I'm not the only one too haha 

  • Me and my friend call this egg head. I get a weird headache and feel sick after eating eggs. Its so strange and nice to kmow other people get it to. 

  • Yes!!! I've noticed it within the same time frame. I have stopped eating them completely but I did seem to feel at least somewhat less sick if I only ate egg whites vs. eggs with yolks. I didn't even entertain the thought of it being related until I saw this. So interesting...

  • Yep - for me eggs, dairy and red meat - ties in with Endo diet advice to cut them all out.

  • Endo is an immune system disease and has long been associated with allergies and intolerances. One of the best things an endo woman can do is pay to have allergy and intolerance testing as we can often be sensitive to many things we are not even aware of. Having immunotherapy and/or cutting things out will mean the immunne system is less compromised and can have quite a major beneficial effect on endo in some. x

  • I've been thinking about doing this and have already cut out wheat with some success. What's the best way to find someone qualified and reliable to test? 

  • There seems to be any amount of websites advertising testing by all sorts of methods such as by a sample of hair but these apparently have no scientific basis so I think the best start is to contact the private hospitals such as Spire, BUPA and Nuffield who do testing. 


  • Yup same here! I can tolerate them when they are mixed up with something else (like baked in a cake etc) but on their own, they make me sick. Repeatedly. It's not good. I have already cut out all other dairy, so I figure it's not that big a deal!

  • Interesting... eggs are one of my "go to" foods for a quick dinner when I'm not up to lengthy dinner prep.

  • Thanks for all of your replies! I'm happy I've found out it might be linked. And that other girls have the same problem and I'm not just batty! There is something else in my diet that bloats me but unsure what that is yet so I've been keeping food diaries. I will definately organise an allergy test.  

    Thanks :) 

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