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Endo flares and fever


Hi all,

I am in the middle of a horrid endo flare which seems to be lasting weeks however over the last few days I have noticed my face is covered in scabs and sores which are puss filled and my whole face is really red, I do have a fever and I've been keeping an eye on that hourly but even when my temp is down the face is still red and extremely sore..

Does anyone else get this and a fever when having a flare up? Just want to know if it's endo related or not!

Thankyou all



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I've just been diagnosed with severe endo and I'm trying to figure it all out, with what is/isn't endo. I dint get paid related issues, for me it's mostly fatigue, back /hip pain and weird immune system type symptoms. When it all kicked off for me 4 years ago, I had exactly as you describe. But that did down after a while and now I am more likely to get horrendous mouth ulcers.

I've come to wonder if it's just that my hormones are all over the place and it's affecting my immune system.

I find that with proper rest, like really giving your brain time out too, with no phone, TV etc and drinking insane amounts of water, I start to pick up again.

I hope that whatever is going on calms down soon. X

I have severe endo too only I have had my diagnosis a lot longer and am waiting to go in for my third surgery soon I get mouth ulcers to currently ha e the biggest one atm see I get quite alot of pain with my endo as well as the fatique back issues I also have become very clumsy I drop everything g it's alonost like my hands don't wabt to grip.

I don't Mi d my face beingike this orhaving a fever I amused to the flare ups and bed rest but I get very bad social anxiety and people d stare quite bad and I don't blame them it loons hurrendous I dobt want. It ro stop me going out cause at I'm relying on my boyfriend to go out with me so I'm not alone!! Its all so complicated as to what's endo and what isn't


tbh I think it's a big vicious circle. No wonder you're anxious when dealing with all that. Plus, the hormone imbalance is probably going to cause anxiety type symptoms too! So difficult.

Hopefully your next surgery will help.

Do you try any of the natural remedies? I've just started the endo diet. I am willing to try anything. Giving up wine, bread and chocolate just shows how desperate I am! 😂

I know it is one big horrid circle hopefully im seeing an endo specialist surgeon this time so fingers crossed 🤞 yes I've gone gluten and dairy free as gluten and dairy was upsetting my stomach I also don't eat any red meat as I heard it encourages inflammation in the body also I have cbd oil which I use in a vape and honestly its better than my tramadol which the doctor gives me for the pain I also try and bath in badedas as its calmig and relaxibg. Also ha e the obvious heat pad tens machine and body pillow xxx

I've been thinking about trying cbd oil. I've just been looking for a distributor. It certainly seems better than taking codeine!

That's great to hear it helps.


I get mine from CBD Brothers online even get next day delivery it's a little pricey but you get what you pay for they also do the capsules which are good too incase you do not want to vape their brilliant at answering any questions and they do different strengths I have one of the highest and honestly it's been more help tha. Any tablets I've been given definatly give it ago!!! Xx

Alex9 in reply to weekari

Thisis very interesting reading your experiences of diet and positive effects on endometriosis. 3 weeks ago after a horrible bout of food poisoning ( I think caused by lamb in a restaurant ) I decided not to eat red meat. Any thing meaty or fatty now turns my stomach just to look at it. I've been eating fish and veg or salad based meals, lots of fruit too which is a real effort for me ! I've probably had chicken twice and no junk food whatsoever.

Now it could be coincidence but I have not had the 10 days of pelvic and back pain that I usually get leading up to my period this month. I came on today and all I have is a slight crampy feeling low down, which disappeared after a feminax. Now usually I'd be on tramadol !

There could be some truth in this diet theory after all !

weekari in reply to Alex9

I strongly believe that diet plays a part. I was veggie most of my life but started eating meat for a few years and when my symptoms were at their absolute worst, I was following a weightlifter type diet, I was eating so much meat! It makes me feel so sick now.

I'm now vegan and have seen so much about hormones in meat and dairy that do make me wonder about how much of a role it plays in making our hormones go mad. I don't think food alone can heal endo but I think it can a good job of reducing inflammation and not adding to the hormone disruption 🌿

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