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Can anyone recommend a good Endo specialist in Kent/London?

Hi, I have been experiencing awful pain on my right hand side which starts on my first day of my period. In October I had a laparoscopy where they removed my appendix and said it was appendicitis. The pain returns every month and yesterday I ended up on morphine in a and e again! I was being pushed between both surgical and gynae and being fobbed off by both. I saw my GP today and he suggested a chocolate cyst and I paid for a scan today. The consultant said she couldn't see anything but because of the pain I am experiencing near my Fallopian tube, she suspects Endometriosis on my right Fallopian tube. I need to now be referred to a consultant to have a laparoscopy etc. does anyone gave any recommendations for great consultants? X

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I can not recommend any but have a look on this website.

BSGE Accredited Centres - British Society for Gynaecological ...


These are the list of Endometriosis Centres currently accredited by the BSGE, and the lead clinicians.


Thank you x that's great!


Miss L Hanna at Sidcup queen Mary's nhs or Chelsfield Park Orpington private. Been under her 25 years. She's excellent x


Pm sent to you as we're not allowed to suggest anything on here :) x


Hi check out bsge centres approved. Uchl I am with and they are wonderful. So sorry you have had such an awful time. Love for the future X X X


Can we pm people to get recommendations?


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