Pre-surgery advice required - the countdown to my surgery has begun!

So here I am on the Easter weekend, four days away from my laparoscopic hysterectomy oophrectomy plus removal of the endometriosis from my bowel. To say I'm riding a rollercoaster of emotions is an understatement! I am scared but I am also excited at the prospect of being pain free.

Can anyone out there give me some pre-operative advice? Of course I have had lots from the Specialist Nurses, but I'm sure that couldn't compare with some personal experiences. For example, anyone adopt any special diet prior to surgery? All advice and support greatly received!

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  • Hi beks04, is this the first time you have had this surgery. when you had your pre op have you got to take stuff to empty your bowel, if so take it with orange squash as it will taste a tiny bit better. They feel you up with gas so they can move you bits around more, but afterwards you might get a bit of pain in the stomach that can go up into your arm, the best thing for that is to take big breaths in and out and to move around more. good luck with it and you will be glad its all over with. x

  • Hi becks, Please could you keep me updated on how it goes as I am having a hysterectomy this way on the 19th April. Any information would be grateful. Good luck and take care. Im sure it will be

  • I'm sure it will be fine too and I'll definitely keep you updated.

  • thanks becks xxxx

  • well here I am, five days post lap hysterectomy, oophrectomy and a whole lot of unpicking! Today is the first day I feel okay and its interesting as the pain I'm experiencing is different to the usual endo pain! Of course its early days, but I am really hoping that its onward and upward from here. My Surgeon confirmed that I had made the right decision - the endo was everywhere involving my ureter and my bowel being hitched up and attached to my cervix. Things would have only got worse if left. Anyway, plan to start the HRT tomorrow and hope the healing continues at this pace!

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