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Consultation (Pre Surgery Endo) Advice Please.

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Hi All,

I'm having my consultation tomorrow regarding my surgery (date) with my gyno. I've been seeing her since being diagnosed with cysts on both sides & endo. I'm a little bit nervous, I don't know why! And I was wondering if you ladies can give me some advice on what kind of questions I could ask. I've noted down questions regarding what the procedure will be like and aftercare, but is there anything else that is vital, that I should ask and check with my gyno?

Would appreciate any help :)

5 Replies
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You can ask how many of these procedures has she done?

Does she excise endo when needed ? (If they don't excise i

Wouldn't even entertain them)!

Do they video the procedure?

Or take stills?

If it is more complex surgery would there be a urologist and or a colrectol specialist on hand?

If they can't answer these questions to your satisfaction i wouldn't use them.

Do NOT put yourself through it unless your 100% happy your in the right hands as you don't want repeated surgerys. Xx

Good luck yazza. X

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Thank you Yazza & Lindle. I did see your replies before my appointment and noted some of them down. I appreciated your feedback.

I was very lucky that this gyno specialises in endo surgery and I was able to have all my consultations paid through my insurance, therefore the process was quick and I had thorough check-ups. And I'm lucky she is doing it for me via NHS (because insurance won't pay for surgery) and I feel very comfortable with her. She does show a still of the procedure for each patient and will give me a copy.

I had 2 ultrasound scans and then an MRI, which showed a clear picture of everything. That confirmed my cysts sizes and that it is Endo.

My left cyst at the moment is very large and causing a lot of pain, right one is okay for now and only around 4cm, so hopefully in about 2-3 weeks, I will have them removed. I have a prostrap injection due next week which will last 3 months and I'm also on the pill to stop my period.

*fingers crossed* all goes to plan!

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I wish you all the best for your treatment just make sure if your not sure about anything ASK it is your body your life and your right. Xxx

Good luck yazza. Xx

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RedMae84 in reply to Yazza

Thank you so much - you are very right! I used to be really anxious about asking too many questions, but being on this site, really helps to become more confident. I hit my gyno with almost 15-20 questions yesterday. Hehe.

I wish you the best also :)xx

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Well done take back the power and if they talk down to you or can't answer questions then they are not the right person for the job. Xx

Keep us informed

Yazza. Xx

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