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I'm so tired all the time, to the point where my eyelids feel so heavy and I feel like I'm going to fall asleep in work...any advice?

Is this related to my Endo? I've read lots of leaflets about Endometriosis which says fatigue is a symptom of the condition, but I'm unsure if anyone else finds it the same. Does anyone have any advice how I can stop myself feeling so tired all the time? It's got to the point now where all I want to do is sleep; I'd quite happily go to bed as soon as I get home from work (or before!) and I feel so anti social.

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i know the feeling..... Im tired allllll the time!! I went to my doctors as i thought i was anaemic, and so had several blood tests - all came back fine and so i had no explanation as to why i was constantly so tired.

Ive heard many things about endo and fatigue being related, but i know normal people just don't understand it. Im always in bed by about 7/8pm and find that when i do fall asleep, i am awake at 3am until 5am and then back up at 6.30 ready for work.

I would suggest going to your gp just to make sure you aren't anaemic or anything, and then they can hopefully help you from there - but the chances are that if your all clear then it will be the endo.

Sorry i can't be more help!

Emma Xx


Hi Emma,

Thanks so much for your reply. Sorry to hear you also suffer with constant tiredness, though (selfishly) I am glad to know I'm not alone. I also take amitriptyline (2x 10mg) every night to help with the pain, and I wondered if this was what was making me so tired, but even when I haven't taken them I'm exactly the same! I force myself to stay up until around 9.30/10pm just so I don't wake up in the middle of the night but I'm nodding off on the couch!

I think I will visit my gp and ask for blood tests just to rule out being anaemic and maybe they might be able to give some advice too :-)

Thanks again for your help; it's nice to know we're not alone, even if it doesn't help with the symptoms!

Hope you find some relief from the tiredness soon.

Victoria xx


It may be worth asking your gp if the pills could be making you tired too as this could be adding to it maybe?

It definitely is nice to know your not alone with this!!

Thanks, hope your feeling better soon too!

Emma Xx



Yes, I have this problem too, it comes and goes to some degree (from fairly tired to feel like I'm moving through jelly and can't keep my eyes open!) the tiredness seems to get worse when the pain does, so I think it must be related. I had amitriptyline for a while and although it helped with the pain it knocked me out, even though I slept better I was a complete Zombie in the daytime - it might be worth seeing if the Dr can prescribe something else, as these drugs often effect people differently, there may be one that suits you better. Also the blood tests are also a good idea.

Best of luck!



Hi Merlin19,

Thanks so much for your reply. Now you mention it, mine seems to be related to the pain too. I've been really lethargic these last 4 weeks and the pain has been an issue as well as constant spotting for 2 1/2 weeks (sorry for tmi!), the pain has been especially bad this last week when I have been the most exhausted.

I think I definitely will make an appointment to see my GP to discuss the amitriptyline, see if there is an alternative for me. It definitely helps with the pain; even though I still regularly have pain, it's nowhere near as severe as it has been in the past.

Thanks for all the advice, it's really appreciated!



I didn't realise this was an endo symptom but I really suffer with this too. I’ve recently started a new job with a 45 minute commute and I sometimes struggle to stay awake on my drive – very worrying. I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier but this doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’m only taking meds during my period and suffer with tiredness all the time so I can’t put this down to my drugs. Can’t offer any advice I’m afraid but just wanted to let you know you’re certainly not alone in feeling this way.


Hi Vickal

I'm sorry to hear you also suffer, and it is quite worrying if you get tired on your commute- hope you stay safe! I didn't know if it was a symptom or not until yesterday when I looked on the endometriosis-uk.org website for some advice and it had a lot of leaflets on there with symptoms listed, including fatigue.

It would be lovely if we could all find a cure for the tiredness and the endometriosis but I guess in the meantime at least we all know we are not alone!

Thanks for your supportive message :-)



you really are not alone with this, I am a sufferer, most days are a painful struggle and if the pain is worse then the tiredness is tenfold :(

I have four children and a full time job it sure isn't easy, I find being stubborn works talking to my self that the Endo is not going to rule my life ! when I feel tired and want my bed I just get up and do something its easy to say but it does work.

Mind over matter I find the gym helps too and swimming, I am going for my 2nd lap in a couple of weeks on my birthday :(

sorry if this hasn't helped but you really are not alone x


Hi emlouben, thanks for your message. In a selfish way it's nice to know I'm not alone but it would be nicer if we had a cure and didn't have to put up with this every day. I think your advice of mind over matter is a great idea, I'm having a downer day today feeling sorry for myself so think tomorrow I need to get my positive head on and get on with it better! That's bad timing for a lap on your birthday, I hope you can get some early celebrations in beforehand so you don't miss out :-) take care and thanks again for the support! Xx


Hi all, again sorry to be selfish but it is nice to I'm not alone. I have also found going the gym, plenty of water and good diet has improved symptoms for me it took around 12 months before it started to work and I still have really tired days :-(

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You definitely aren't alone!! I compare my tiredness to how tired I was when I had two newborn babies!! Some mornings I get up with my children and have to go back to sleep on the sofa!! It is worse in the week leading upto my period and the week I am on. I hate it!


I do! I can remember only a handful of times having woken up and felt rested. It does come and do but I could pretty much fall asleep any time if I was allowed. I also have a B12 deficiency so when that was discovered and started being treated I hoped it would help. It has a bit but I think endo fatigue is very real.


Hi wardjill, Shellypops and ap2014, thank you all for your messages! I'm so glad I'm not just using the endometriosis as an excuse. Whenever I talk to family/friends about it, they all say oh it's normal we all feel tired, you just need to go to bed earlier blah blah blah, but they don't understand the level of tiredness I'm talking about! You will all know I'm not just talking about normal tiredness when you know you just haven't had enough sleep! It's constant exhaustion. I'm just trying to get myself back into a routine of gentle exercise, as I find the gym or any classes such as Zumba too much for me and it exacerbates the pain. Hope you all feel a bit more energized soon and thanks again for your messages of support :-) xx


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