3rd Lap tomorrow!! Freak out!! Has anyone else been unable to pee following their surgery?

This is my 3rd to remove endo, am a little anxious but not too bad, glad to be getting it done. In my last surgery 3 years ago, I came round from the surgery and didn't need to pee, few hours later still didn't need to, the nurses informed me that my bladder was ready to burst and the popped a catheter in, this went on for a few days, no urges to go to the toilet at all and I eventually got sent home with my catheter in and a bag strapped to my leg. Mucho attractive as you can imagine!! It took about 10 days in total for my bladder to sort itself out and work again, I can only assume it decided to go on strike as it was literally pissed off at getting poked & prodded in surgery. So for tomorrow they have said they with catheterise while I'm in surgery as its likely to happen again. Does this this ever happened anyone else? It doesn't bother me that much tbh, I guess I'm just worried that it could be permanent? x

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Sorry to hear that. I had 5 laps till now but never went home with catheter bag. I found every time I had lap, it was really hard to go to pee, took me very long time, but I guess that is normal.

Hope you won't need catheter bag this time and everything will go ok with you.

It happened to me hun.Your bladder sometimes goes into shock during the surgery.I was catherterised for 24hrs and then started weeing on my own so thankfully they let me go home.All the best for your surgery today!xx

Last time I had a lap I was kept in hospital because I couldn't wee and got catheterised in hospital but did have it removed after a few days and was sent home got another lap this Thursday comin and hoping its not goin to happen this time

hi it happened to me the second lap i had, i was in a lot of pain the second time round, so they kept me in for a couple of days, i kept saying something wasn't right, at this time i was still weeing but not much. The doc discharged me and said you will recover quicker at home. Got home the friday then sunday eve through to monday i couldn't wee for 14 hours, so got rushed back to hosptial, where they catherised me. The last time i had surgery 5 weeks ago they left the cather in for a few hours then took it out, now there is something wrong with my bladder as i am weeing every 5 mins. Hope your lap went ok.

Thanks for all ur replies guys, ur not gonna believe what happened to me though!! I went into theatre & something gave me anaphylactic shock (think it was a muscle relaxant - as far as I was aware I had no allergies and hav had anaesthetic about 10 times). My heart stopped & I couldn't breathe, skin went bright red & i swole up massively, so had to be resuscitated & put on life support. Luckily i dont remember any of it. Finally got out of intensive care late last night & moved to a normal ward, am breathing by myself. So I didn't even get my lap!! Need some tests and stuff before they try it again. Really puts things in perspective, am so lucky to be alive. I hope u are all well :-)

OMG!! Anaphylactic shock?! There was me abt to fill u in on my peeing drama after my surgery several yrs ago - it's called urine retention when u're not able to pee & mine went on for months & months, yep!! I had an in-dwelling catheter for ages, then on one of my many visits to the hospital post admission, I was taught how to catheterise myself 2/3 times a day. Then, as if by magic, when it was good & ready [& after a lot of praying!!] my bladder started working again, like nature intended! Apparently, it happens. But honestly, if u can survive a life support machine & being in an ICU, what's a bit of bladder drama?! U'll be fine babes ;-) x x

My goodness, what a trauma you have been through. Hope you are doing ok now - lots of best wishes to you x x x

Thanks Simy & stevieflp, I am completely fine now!! Recovered from it no problem, was just a shock. Will be alright until I have to actually go and get the op again - I think a few valium will be in order beforehand.

Oh yuck thats awful Simy, thank goodness it started working by itself again! I had a catheter in there when I had the reaction and it was horribly sore & uncomfortable, it actually felt like an infection so had to get the nurse to take it out in the middle of the night. I have such an irritable bladder, hate catheters :-(

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