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Advice and Tips for 19 yr old daughter having Laposcopy on 26th May

Daughter been ill off work for eight weeks with pelvic and back pain, nausea and fatigue. She has other health probs including M.E.

Have Lap to look for Endo and remove anything found.

Any advice for before and after surgery and recovery once home?

This is what we have learnt so far:

Peppermint tea and caps for trapped wind.

Heat pads and hot water bottle for pain.

Blanket, pillow and sick bowl for journey home after Op.

Everything to be at waist height so no need to bend.

Nightshirt and not pjs, so nothing on waist.

Take own sanitary towels, dry shampoo, Throat sweets into hospital.

No shoes with laces, so no bending required.

Anything else please?

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I would also recommend laxatives... the drugs they give makes you very constipated and trying to use the toilet after surgery is very difficult, in my experience.

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So sorry your Daughter has been suffering, hopefully they find something in the laparoscopy and will be able to treat her. She will be in the best place :)

I had my first laparoscopy when I was 17, and I have had another one 6 weeks ago. Sounds like what you have got at the moment is good! :)

When I had my first one, my stomach was very sore (because of the incisions they made), so having everything at waist height is VERY helpful. But she needs to realize that sitting down will be a bit difficult, and getting into bed will be too. You honestly dont realise how much you use your stomach muscles. So any support with these movements will help with the first week. This wont last too long though I promise :) You do need to move regularly though, dont sit down all day after surgery, wont help the healing. So let her try and move when she can :)

Another thing I want to add, its NOT bad to ask for painkillers! Oh! And anti-sickness pills just incase, as the anesthetic can make you feel a bit sick.

Sounds like she has very supportive people around her :) I am so sorry she has had to deal with this so young, I know it isnt easy. As long as she is honest and open about her symptoms, the doctors will do everything they can.

Stay strong and honestly dont worry, we can fight this condition :)


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Hiya, I would also take a bottle of water for the car journey home as my throat was very dry when I woke up. I was advised to have a shower and wash my hair on the morning of my op and told not to use deodorant or anything fragranced. And finally for going into hospital I took my dressing gown, slippers and a good book. Hope your daughter gets on okay x

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Hi. So sorry to hear how much your daughter is suffering with pain.

Hopefully it eases off soon.

One thing I was told by friends that you bleed a lot post op. I see you have sanitary towels on the list so hopefully you guys have been told this.

You have to prep your stomach which the nurses on the pre op appointment will give all the stuff for this. I used fruit pastils for the last few days of this as you have to go liquid diet and then clear liquids and then nothing. Distraction was key so films to watch and definitely no work as you have no energy.

I didn't shower straight after the op and think gave it a few days cos of the stitches. But when I did I had water at hand to drink and kept bathroom door open a jar with my mum outside to come in if I needed her. Also going to the toliet kills first few times as you've emptied your stomach pre op and then start eating food again and with all the gas and the actual surgery, it's not fun. Again water handy and window open.

Small walks post op was essential for recovery but after a few days of rest. And only small. Don't overdo it as could lead to problems but small walks definitely helped the recovery.

The shoulder pain is from the gas working it's way out of the body from where they enlarge to operate. The hot water bottle is essential for that.

Some good films to watch post op in bed is good as your daughter won't be able to concentrate on much and will be tired so good to have something to distract.

And anything she uses already for her pain and ME. Make sure she has everything stocked up so there is no need to be stressing.

The hosiptal now only give one week sick note so you have to go to gp for the second week sick note. I had a month off as I do not do well with surgery so I had my folks emailing and calling work with updates each week. Then it was agreed a phased return for a month so I could ease back in. This really helped just doing a couple days first and then building up each week.

Hope this helps x

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I didn't have to do anything special with my diet, just nothing after midnight the night before.

Heat pads are great as you just plug them in, you don't have to keep asking someone to refill your hot water bottle. I got mine from Amazon.

Bio oil is great for the scars afterwards.


NIghties are optional, I always just wore pyjama bottoms and it was fine. Left hospital 2 days after my hysterectomy in my skinny jeans, so as far as that goes, it's whatever she prefers.

Make sure she knows she can ask for anti sickness medication and you can also be given this to take home. It's a really good idea to have it as being sick after a lap is the worst. She should also ask the nurses to give her spare dressings to take home so she can change them after a couple of days. The chemist sell them anyway if she forgets. Also ask for decent pain relief if needed, and again make sure she asks for some to bring home if she needs anything stronger than ibuprofen and paracetamol. She'll be given surgical stockings to wear and asked to give a urine sample for a pregnancy test just prior to surgery.

I never had any problems with bending or being mobile - she will be sore but she should be able to do everything for herself.

Someone has mentioned bowel prep but this isn't always used with every surgery. The hospital will give full instructions if it's needed.

It is also worth being aware that there is always a possibility that they may not be able to treat any endo they find depending how severe it is. I went into my first surgery thinking that would be the end of it, but that was not the case.

Hope it all goes well.

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What an amazing Mum you are 😊

I think everything has been mentioned already, you've got a good list of things there. I would make sure she has an extra couple of bottles of water for after the op, your mouth can get very dry and when you first eat something, it can help to have water with it. They obviously give you water at the hospital but it's nice to have your own so you don't have to keep asking for refills.

I would stock up on ibuprofen and paracetamol at home. Just worth a little mention...they may give your Daughter codeine to take home, some people can react to codeine and it can make them feel very drowsy. Obviously everyone is different, however just for you to be aware of.

I found it helpful to try and stick to a routine once I was able to get up and around a little after a few days. Go to bed at roughly the same time, mealtimes etc...it's very easy to feel unstructured and disconnected after your op, and I found that this helps a little with feeling a little better.

I think too that you are emotionally quite reliant on those around you. I found I picked up the mood and attitude of those around me very easily. When I had people visit who were positive and upbeat, it really lifted my mood and made me feel so much better. When you're out of your normal routine and not seeing many people, you seem to feel the mood of everyone around you a lot more intently, so if anyone visits, happy people only 😊 And I'm sure you would do this naturally anyway, however keep positive, and it will help her so much.

Other than that, on the lead up to the op, make sure she's eating healthily, getting as much fresh air as she is able to, same with any activity she can do. The fitter she is before the op the better.

And you look after yourself too, you need to be well also 😊

Sending lots of love and positivity to both of you xx

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What a kind and thouthful reply, I am touched. Thank you so much and take care of yourself and I hope your getting better after your Op xx

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I'm healing well from my lap, I had it done on 1st May and I'm feeling a lot better with each day now. Everything I've seen on this forum has been very helpful and useful, so I would say to both you and your Daughter if she wants to, to come on here for support at any point along your journey.

Take care xx

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Just something else that I've thought of...your Daughter will almost certainly have a tube inserted into her throat whilst she's under (I think this is to regulate breathing etc). This left me with a little sore throat for about 3 days afterwards. It's really not a big thing, and it's only a little sore when you swallow xx


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