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Drinking before laparoscopy

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Hi everyone, just wondered what you were advised (if at all) prior to your surgery regarding alcohol consumption? I have my surgery on 30th May but I’m at an outdoor concert on Saturday 27th, and was hoping to have a few drinks. I don’t want to go wild as I don’t want a hangover right before an op and most things I have read say 24-48 hours but just wondered if anyone had been recommended anything differently.

Thank you for any replies 😁

8 Replies
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Well, normally you need to follow a specific diet at least one week prior to surgery (to avoid a hemorrhage and certainly no alcohol)! Did you know that alcohol contains a lot of oestrogens and it is strongly advised not to drink any when you've got endo and that means not to drink any alcohol on a daily basis?!

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Hi Booda21 - I was never advised about alcohol consumption but of course it's good to be sensible! My partners birthday was two days before my surgery and we split a bottle of wine for the occasion. I think unless your doctor advises you otherwise, just be sensible and make sure you are not hungover or dehydrated. I appreciate 'endosufferer1's comments as well, as I do know alcohol can cause flare ups but I think it's a personal choice and it's very hard to know exactly what will help and everyone is different so do what is right for you:)

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I wasn’t advised about alcohol or any specific diet before surgery. I think what you’re saying is sensible. Have a few drinks at the concert (it’s not like the surgery is the very next day) then follow what the pre-op advises on the day of the op no eating / drinking after a certain time depending on time of op. This condition is miserable enough without giving up all fun! 😉

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Alcohol has sugar in it and sugar is oestrogen feeding so when I was on an anti inflammatory diet to get off my painkillers and out of pain, I took sugar out of my diet among other things. However, my dietician let me have wine in my diet because she said life needs to be enjoyed too! Obviously I didn't go overboard though. I reckon the alcohol would get out of your system by the time of your operation so like one of the comments above says, endo can be miserable enough without some fun. I hope your op goes well and you recover quickly.

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the reason why it tends to be advised not to drink alcohol before this surgery is because you may have to take a bowel prep which can lead to you becoming dehydrated and the alcohol itself can obviously dehydrate you even if you aren’t doing bowel prep. The more dehydrated you are the more likely it is you may feel groggy from general anaesthetic and it increases the likelihood of being sick. As long as you keep drinking water at the concert you will minimise the risk of dehydration ☺️ hope the surgery goes well x

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It's probably fine, but I would avoid it anyway. Even though the alcohol will likely be out of your system by then. It's because of the blood thinning potential of alcohol during surgery, and possibility of higher blood loss.

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Agree on other points with dehydration too.

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Hi Booda21

I have checked with our specialist advisor and people are generally advised to avoid alcohol in the 48 hours before they have surgery. As several others have posted on here, having a couple of drinks at the festival is probably fine, but we would suggest not over indulging. Alcohol dehydrates and has an impact on clotting, so having a lot to drink in the couple of days before surgery may not be a good idea

Enjoy the festival and I hope the surgery goes well

Lynne - Endometriosis UK

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