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Natural remedies without lap…

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Just wondered if anyone has any experience / recommendations of things that have helped reduced their endo symptoms naturally?

Would love to be able to manage this better without having to put more stress on my body with a lap surgery…

8 Replies
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Hi Michelle, I recently came off the pill after 4 years of not having periods so I didn’t have to cope with my endo (don’t recommend) and reached out to a herbalist and he recommended the below. I have been taking them for about 5 months now and have really seen a difference. I stopped it one month to test out and the pain came back in full effect. Doesn’t completely stop the pain but I have definitely noticed a difference.

Pine bark capsules. Ashwagandha, shatavari and maca root capsules Chamomile/willow bark extract

He also sent me a list of foods to avoid, which I also follow. let me know and I will send them over if you want.

Also I bought a machine called MyOovi which really helps with pains I put it on as soon as I know they are coming and the battery lasts all day.


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Michelle_2022 in reply to EJ91

thank you soo much! 🫶 yes would love the foods to avoid please! Iv been looking at them machines so they are worth investing then? I constantly have hot water bottle or when I’m out use a heating pad xx

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EJ91 in reply to Michelle_2022

No worries hope it helps you like it has me!

I really love MyOovi I wear it all the time when its my time of the month. I wear it to work and out. I used to be attached to my hot water bottle but this is better for the pain and more practical.

Try your best to Avoid; 

Diet Fizzy drinks...

Broccoli: A hybrid with an acidic ph level

Celery: also a hybrid, acidic ph level, highest amount of inorganic salt and contains myristicin which can lead to misscarriage 

Carrots: another hybid, acidic ph level and contains high amounts of sugar and starch

Fish: contains Mercury

Eggs: Known to lead to flare ups such as eczema and skin conditions 

Animal milk: Full of Pus and Bacteria,  also may contain bleach formula which is used to turn it milky white from blood. Consume hemp or Orgainic Oat milk

Almond milk: Contains Cyanide, Not allowed

Rice: A hybrid which contains Arsenic, Wild rice is fine

Tap water: contains Sodium Fluoride, Lead and possibly Atrazine.

Red meat leads to cholesterol and is a hybrid meat

Avoid Soy/Soya

Avoid Rapeseed Oil. Do not cook with Olive oil, Cook with Hemp or Avocado oil

Consume Organic foods with as much natural ingredients as possible


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Michelle_2022 in reply to EJ91

thankyou! I’m defo going to invest in one!

Wow I’m surprised at some of them which I do defiantly eat, broccoli, carrots, olive oil, fish.. all things you think would help 🫣

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I'm not sure what you've tried already, but I found making diet changes and eating a more anti-inflammatory diet made a big difference to my symptoms. For me taking out wheat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol really helped, but we also respond to different things. I've also tried homeopathy which helped too.

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Hi Michelle - The AIP diet has really helped me. It certainly hasn’t solved the pain but I think it’s helped by reducing inflammation. I’ve also been seeing a functional medicine practitioner. It’s not cheap but the supplements she recommended (based on blood & other tests so specific to me) have helped my other symptoms (particularly brain fog & fatigue). I think the AIP has been the most effective thing, though, alongside CBD oil. I find my pain can get worse when I lie down to try to sleep, & CBD muscle rub is helpful in dulling the pain. I’ve also recently started reflexology but only done one session so far.

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Michelle_2022 in reply to BlueWhiteSand

thankyou for your advice.. I was seeing an acupuncturist and having TCM which also wasn’t cheap but did make me feel better overall even though I was still getting the pain.. it’s a shame we can’t get support like this on the nhs. Ooh I might try some cbd rub when my knees flare up

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Hi Michelle

If you're looking to make changes to your eating habits or introducing supplements, then we'd really recommend consulting a qualified professional who will be able to take a thorough look at your symptoms, your current eating habits, lifestyle, family history and many other details in order to make personalised recommendations. Several of our forum users have been referred to a dietician by their GP, so that would be worth a try in the first instance. You can also find qualified nutritional therapists through the BANT website

In addition, you might want to check out the following book: Endometriosis - A Key to Healing and Fertility Through Nutrition by Dian Shepperson Mills & Michael Vernon.

Wishing you all the best x

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