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Constant Left Side Flank Pain-Please Help


Can someone please help me?

I have been diagnosed with between Stage 1 and 2 endometriosis. I am on Visanne for endo( which makes me emotional) and recently Macrodantin 50mg for UTI’s (which makes me nauseous and gives me headaches).

What bothers me is the constant left side flank pain I have had now for 14+months.

The gynae said that endo pain comes before and during your mensus and not constantly.

I would like an MRI of my urine flow organs, but the urologist insists that the CT scan is sufficient. Reason being my endo was only picked up by an MRI so I have more faith in an MRI.

The urologist wants to perform a cytoscopy, but I prefer an MRI to avoid getting another UTI. Have had 3 in the last 2 months.

Has anyone had similar symptoms? Please share; appreciate any assistance.

Warm Regards

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Hugs. Xx

What is it that makes you think your left flank pain relates specifically to your bladder?

No current scan type is 100% guaranteed to show endo which may be why your consultant wants a direct look. But if you're not happy with them then maybe you can ask for a second opinion.?


Hi Starry, thanks for the feedback, appreciated.

I believe my left side flank pain is from my left kidney, just a gut feel. Maybe some endo travelled to my kidney or there is a growth there, will know more after my urine path MRI this Tuesday which will include the bladder, kidneys...

My radiologist believes the pain stems from my bladder, don’t know why, perhaps because of 3 UTI’s in 2 months.

Will keep you posted on the outcome.



The pelvic MRI which scanned my ovaries and uterus confirmed endo which the abdominal ultrasound did not pick up. Find the results from an MRI more conclusive.


That’s not true my endo pain came randomly!


Hi Kate

Thanks for your feedback.

Agree that’s why I continue to go for investigation as my gynae said normally the pain comes before and during ones mensus time, but not constant. I have been referred by a urologist for a urine flow organ MRI as the CT came back clear. Only the pelvic abdominal MRI picked up endometriosis. Maybe I have a secondary issue, will know after Tuesday. Could also be that some endo has made its way to my left kidney.

Warm Regards


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