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Suitable clothing post hysterectomy

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Hi, like many folk, I’m on the waiting list for a total hysterectomy. Trying to do something practical, I’m preparing for the recovery. Can anyone recommended good clothing options for when I return from hospital please? I’ve read that dungarees are useful, did anyone wear those post op and what brand? Any suggestions very much appreciated 🙂

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I've not had my hysterectomy yet, so can't answer this question with experience! 😂 However, I have stocked up on loose waisted bottoms and baggy jumpers (I'm booked for December so it'll be cold!) I've got a couple that I grabbed before my last lap from amazon that were really comfy, so will likely live in those!

But otherwise, I'm planning on really high bigger sized leggings, baggy jumpers and massive black knickers lol! To be fair, not a massive leap from my usual winter wardrobe now I think about it 😂

We sound like twins 😂

Good luck for December too

HiI’ve still got bowel issues, I wear dungarees or jumpsuit or dresses. Anything that doesn’t press on the abdomen. In dresses I’m 8, the Sainsbury’s dungarees are 12 and jumpsuit from everything five pounds, 8 or ten. Ebays quite good for bargains, especially the outlet stores.

I replied to littlemisstaxi about getting all the info beforehand to avoid my mistakes.

Thank you!

Hi, me too. I bought a couple of sweatshirt dresses in a size bigger than I usually take and also a long loose comfy dress, long socks and some thick hold up stockings in case I need to leave the house. Dungarees sound like a good idea though and I do already have a pair so will try them. I also got a couple of nighties as I usually wear pj and bigger pants.

It’s difficult to know how much/what to buy not knowing how bloated or sore we’ll be and for how long isn’t it? I was worried about buying anything with a waistband even in bigger sizes because I have no idea where the incisions will be

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I would prefer to wear leggings or joggers though so would be great to know if they’re ok and don’t rub wounds

Sweater dresses sound like a great idea! Thanks, and best of luck x

You too x

I wore very baggy joggers. Good luck x

Thank you!

I bought bigger leggings from walmart like 2 sizes so you can avoid pressure but be comfortable. Get a good pillow for your stomach so if you cough or sneeze you will be prepared. Also a body pillow for comfort and to sit up i got the pillow with a back and arms that snugs you.

thank you

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