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Getting nervous

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Well 2 days to go for my 1st laparoscopy I had my covid test done today so now just a waiting game, a lot going through my head atm ...what will they find? Will they find anything? How long will I be unwell? Will I be going home the same day?. I didn't realise the numerous of unanswered questions would make me more nervous than the actual surgery, I will truly be glad when I get the answers on Wednesday hopefully, it dsnt help I'm having my period right now with labour like pains I honestly wish they would just take everything away as I'm 46 and don't want anymore grandsons are my life I dnt need ones you have to look after 24/7 Ive had my 2 kids lol

Anyone with any tips or ideas of what will make things easier after surgery please feel free to share 😊....I think I've covered all areas but you never know if you havnt been through it before

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Hi Jaye I had a lap in March and had stage 4 endo, and stayed over night. My BP took a long time to come up, other than that, I was ok.

Keep hydrated as much as you can and they will try to make you eat, so choose something easy, I stupidly asked for a sandwich and it was like chewing dry cardboard.

Take a pillow for your tummy for your drive home as it will be sore, and try not to plan anything for a few weeks at least as you will be tired and recovering.

If anyone can be around to help, then that’s great, the simplest things are what I found the hardest.

Above all, don’t rush yourself back to normal, it will take time to heal and you will be sore, I am 6 months post lap now and I’d say it took me a good 3 months to feel better.

Fingers crossed for you for tmw, xxx

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Jaye75 in reply to SS10

Thank you I plan on doing nothing for the next few weeks apart from looking after myself I have my mother daughter and son who are going to do shifts until I'm feeling better, which will be so frustrating as I'm really really independent but I'm going to have to go with it wether I like it or not lol xx

Good luck for tomorrow 🥰Let us know how it goes x

I definitely will keep updated as it helps others so much I know this site has helped me a lot ..Thank you 😊 xx

Hi. I had my first laparoscopy on 24th September . Was absolutely dreading it as only time I have ever been put to sleep was in my teens to have wisdom teeth removed!

I felt so scared on the day but the nurses were all lovely. I suffer with anxiety anyway so the wait to go to theatre wasn't good for me. I was told to come in for 12pm but then was rang in the morning to ask to come earlier at 10.30am. I still waited until 2.30pm to go to theatre. Once in theatre I was put to sleep which was very quick and then woke up in recovery. My memory is a little hazy but I was told they found a small amount of endometriosis and it was ablated( lazered/ burned). It took me a while to come around properly and I was so thirsty. I was also given a sandwich which I struggled to eat but I was desperate to go home so managed to. The nurses told me I could stay the night if I wanted as by this time it was 8pm but I chose to go home. My hubby picked me up around 9pm.

Since the laparoscopy I had probably a week of feeling quite tired and weak and mostly resting in bed. I haven't been sleeping well as I am a side sleeper but haven't been able to lie on side as makes my tummy hurt. I have slept on my back but sat up which I hate. I do feel better each day though and are slowly doing more and more. I have been out the house once at the weekend but my hubby drove and I still felt uncomfortable in the car so dont think I will drive yet. The hospital signed me off sick for 2 weeks anyway as I have quite a physical job.

Good luck for your laparoscopy 😊

Thank you this helps a lot and explains a bit better what to expect I'm hoping mines just a little and over with, I too suffer anxiety but I'm good at keeping it managed I've been doing relaxation to keep it at bay, the drive home is worrying me my mam is picking me up but I just know I will feel every little bump on the road, I'll be glad to be home and looked after I'm quite lucky as my daughter is a senior carer so I know I'll be OK

Hi Jaye,

You might want to get some peppermint tea, or I found peppermint oil better, which I added just a few drops to a hot water (you can sweeten to taste if preffered) but this is really good for helping with getting rid of the trapped air that you get after surgery. As to inflate the abdomen they use carbon dioxide gas which gets trapped in the diaphragm and feels like pain across the shoulders and in the chest. I had this for a few days after surgery, and the peppermint oil was really good at helping to expel this from your body.

Best advise I can give you is, while your recovering, if you haven't already done so, spend some time thinking about ways you can make improvements in lifestyle living with diet and supplements. As you have just had the Endo removed, it's a good place to start to try and prevent the Endo from growing back. If you can starve it of what it likes to thrive, that is a good thing to do.

Lots of books you can read will have this information for you to read while recovering. 😀

Good luck with the op, and let us know how you get on. X

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TheresaIH in reply to kittykins7

Hi kittykins7, just wondered if there are any particular books you’d recommend? So many out there x

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kittykins7 in reply to TheresaIH

Hi TheresaIH

The one for me that was amazing was 'Heal Endometriosis Naturally without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery' by Wendy K Laidlaw.

Great book and great advise. Give it a go.👍 xxx

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TheresaIH in reply to kittykins7

Thank you, I’ll check them out x

Have to reiterate what kittykins said too. Defo have some peppermint tea and don’t be alarmed with any shoulder pain you’ll have as that’s the gas that they put in your tummy. The pain is awful But it does subside.

Really good advice above. The shoulder pain is the worst but goes in a few days. I was back to myself 2 weeks after my first laparoscopy but needed lots of rest in that time. I would recommend seeing a sports physio when you are physically recovered. All the rummaging around can leave you with aches and pains in sides and back that they can work out for you.

I'm going in for more surgery tomorrow. Being in isolation for 72 hours is horrible. I could really use a hug from my family!

Good luck. Hope you get some answers.

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kittykins7 in reply to Gardenist

Hi Gardenist.

I'm sure I speak for most on the Endo chat here, that we're all sending you a very big virtual hug.😀.

Good advise re the physio as well, I'm thinking of getting a few treatments on my back and shoulders.

Good luck with your op. X

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Jaye75 in reply to Gardenist

Yeah isolation is awful knowing what yr going thro I too would love a hug ( here's a virtual hug 🤗 from me to you) I do physio everyday due to other problems so will work on that when feeling better as it really does help with any aches and pains, I've got some peppermint tea also even tho I don't drink tea or coffee I'll give it a go. Thank you and good luck for your surgery tomorrow ❤

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TheresaIH in reply to Gardenist

Good luck with it. Sending love and hugs x

Yes mint tea, boiled sweets as mouth gets so dry and a cushion for journey home, baggy clothes and lots and lots of rest after. I am having a colonoscopy on Thurs and my covid test has come back positive but it’s because I have had covid in Aug and apparently it’s a false positive so it’s still going ahead. It’s all so stressful isn’t it but all will be fine, everyone has the panic about what will they find or not. Just stay calm. Hope it goes well, let us know in a few days xx

Yeah I'm trying lots of relaxation methods it's helping a little, we will be ok like you say its just the "predicting thoughts" that are proving to be annoying so I'm trying things to keep my mind busy and telling myself "I cnt predict the future so stop" lol .Good luck for Thursday xx

All the best, sending you hugs and healing vibes x

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Hi Jaye75

I understand that having a laparoscopy can be a daunting prospect, and the lovely members have already given you some great advice and tips.

Laparoscopic surgery is the gold standard for diagnosing endometriosis and can also be used to treat endometriosis. We have a really great info sheet – Laparoscopic surgery for Endometriosis ( on our website which can highlight to you what happens during a laparoscopy and some of the things you may experience after the surgery.

The main thing to remember is that you are entitled to ask questions of the doctors who will be performing the surgery to ensure you are comfortable and try to remember that everyone’s experience and recovery time are different and that you should take your time and take it easy when recovering.

Good luck with your surgery and remember that there’s lots of information on our website about being newly diagnosed – including information about the services we offer that can help to support you.

Take care 😊

Thank you everybody you have all been lovely and helped also its really good to hear from those of you who have been through it as I feel like others think it's a day of feeling sick and then all better but I know this is not the case so to get support from you lovely lot has been truly comforting 😊 ❤ I will keep you updated as I'd love to help others who are going through their 1st laparoscopy xx

Hi ladies I had my lap at 8.45am my ovaries were behind my uterus pulled by endo and my left fallopian tube was strangled with endo also my uterus had endo, but had it all sorted for now and I must say I'm doing quite well, I asked to go home at 3.30pm and because all went so well I am now home watching netflix with my daughter with my cute stockings on lol full of painkillers, my main pain is constant pressure on my bladder caused by the gas, I have a huge stomach and 3 holes in tummy. I've been very lucky avoiding the shoulder pain by what I heard from you lot although my bladder is painful I'm managing, I was in theatre for an hour the staff were lovely and I was so happy to finally get a diagnosis, I wanted to share my experience to maybe give an idea of how things can go, I do feel very lucky not to have it wide spread like many others....if anything changes I will update again ❤

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Gardenist in reply to Jaye75

So glad it went well for you. Make sure to listen to your body and get lots of rest while you heal. Sounds like you are! My procedure also went well. I feel better than I expected for now, just watching out for any menopause symptoms and hoping the oestrogel does its thing. I was in hospital for a night but very glad to get home to my own bed. Sending you good wishes for a speedy recovery xx

Hey lovely, glad to hear it went well, was thinking of you, rest plenty and get well soon, xxxx

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